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More wolves does not necessarily equal fewer foxes or badgers

Life Sciences - May 30

The assumption that the numbers of smaller predators will decline when large predator populations rise, is not necessarily valid. For mammals in Europe, this relationship appears to exist only in specific cases. Utrecht biologists Thomas van Schaik, Marijke van Kuijk , and Liesbeth Sterck conclude this based on a literature review they conducted, which was recently published in the scientific journal Mammal Review. As a result, the researchers advise conservation practitioners not to rely solely on this commonly proposed theory when assessing the consequences of growing predator populations.

Environment - May 29

Sustainable hydropower development in the Upper Indus


The upper Indus basin, home to the Himalaya, Hindukush and Karakoram mountain ranges, feeds major rivers that flow through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China.

Environment - May 24

30 million euros for research into climate change feedbacks


Climate change can accelerate due to feedback mechanisms: complex phenomena caused by climate change that in turn can further drive climate change.

Environment - May 23

The global clean water crisis looms large

Water scarcity will intensify with climate and socioeconomic change, disproportionately impacting populations located in the Global South. So concludes a new Utrecht University article published in Nature Climate Change on 23 May 2024, which used a state-of-the-art global water quantity and quality model to estimate clean water scarcity until the end of the century.

Career - May 22

Hiring people with disabilities requires looking beyond perceptions

Many people with disabilities would like to work but are not hired. There are many possible explanations for this persistent problem. Researchers from Utrecht University focused on the factors that influence employers' hiring behaviour.

Physics - May 27

EIC Pathfinder Grant to build prototypical quantum computer

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has awarded a Pathfinder Grant of about 3 million euros to the European consortium Quondensate.

Health - May 23

Helga Gardarsdottir appointed Professor of Real World Data for Decision Making on Medicines

Utrecht University has appointed Helga Gardarsdottir as Professor of Real World Data for Decision Making on Medicines. Gardarsdottir and her team investigate how so called "real world data", including healthcare data from routine practice, can be used more effectively to gain insights into the safety and effectiveness of medicines, in order to enable well-informed clinical and regulatory decisions.

Environment - May 22

Seaweed forests are an overlooked component of oceanic carbon storage


A groundbreaking study by an international team of researchers has revealed seaweed forests to be significant contributors to oceanic carbon storage.

Paleontology - May 15

Summers warm more than winters, fossil shells reveal

In a warmer climate, summers warm much faster than winters in northwestern Europe. That is the conclusion of research into fossil shells by an international team of earth scientists. With this knowledge we can better map the consequences of current global warming in the North Sea area.