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Economics - 16.04
BI & Analytics data engineer (0, 8 - 1, 0 FTE) Eindhoven University of Technology
Computer Science - 16.04
PhD on Real-Time Rendering of Diffusion MRI Tractography Data Eindhoven University of Technology
Innovation - 16.04
EngD in Interactive AI and Dementia Care Eindhoven University of Technology
Chemistry - 16.04
Technician on MBO/HBO level for PCB design Engineer Eindhoven University of Technology
Innovation - 16.04
Postdoc project: Bioinspired Pumping in Organ-on-a-Chip using Artificial Cilia Eindhoven University of Technology
Economics - 15.04
PhD on Motivation & Performance of Employees Transitioning into Renewable Energy Eindhoven University of Technology
Chemistry - 15.04
PhD on Graphene(oxide) colloids from pyrolysis carbons Eindhoven University of Technology
Economics - 15.04
Brandweermedewerker (1.0 FTE) Eindhoven University of Technology


TU/e professor breaks new ground with development of artificial tissue

Health - Apr 11

Jan van Hest receives ERC Advanced Grant for interplay between cells ánd scientific disciplines. Muscles are not only important for a killer body, but also for a healthy one. They are complex systems in which different cells play their own role. To better understand the function of living cells, Jan van Hest has long been developing artificial cells that can be studied outside the body.

Life Sciences - Apr 11

Our brain as an example

Life Sciences

TU/e researcher Imke Krauhausen built new electronic devices based on neuromorphic computing Our brain can process complex information at lightning speed using very little energy.

Health - Apr 8

Better understanding of how breast cancer works


In her research into the response of breast cancer to the hormone estrogen, PhD candidate Stacey Joosten studied not only hormone-sensitive breast can

Health - Apr 3

Uterus in motion

PhD candidate Connie Rees demonstrates that with a renewed ultrasound method, subtle movements of the uterus can be measured. This offers a new perspective on fertility issues in women with endometriosis.

Psychology - Mar 28

From student to CEO: ’I want to show that anything is possible, even if you have autism’


Alumnus Dirk van Meer (24) advocates for greater understanding of autism on World Autism Awareness Day.

Health - Apr 9

Improved monitoring of dangerous aneurysms


During her doctoral research, Esther Maas investigated the use of new ultrasound techniques to image dangerous aortic aneurysms for patient-specific care.

Innovation - Apr 4

’The university also needs to play an active role in society’


For Rector Silvia Lenaerts, the innovation ecosystem was one of the reasons for choosing Eindhoven.

Pedagogy - Mar 29

Government invests in technical education and Brainport region, with special role for TU/e

Various regions, educational institutions and industry will jointly develop a plan The government (1.7 billion) and the Eindhoven region (almost 800 million) have decided to invest a total of 2.5 billion euros with the aim of strengthening the chip sector in the Netherlands.

Campus - Mar 27

’We don’t fix personal problems, we fix the environment and culture’


Mechanical Engineering students and staff can contact the Wellbeing Signal Group with their questions, suggestions and concerns regarding wellbeing.