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Environment - 12.07
Post-doctoral position in oral microbial ecology Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Microtechnics - 05.07
Postdoc Researcher Position in Large Language Models and Robot Learning Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Life Sciences - 03.07
PhD in Fungal Pathogens Biology, Microscopy and Bioinformatics Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Life Sciences - 03.07
PhD in Conservation genomics of endangered red pandas Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Environment - 28.06
PhD: Individual behaviour under climate change risks Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Life Sciences - 26.06
Assistant Professor Neuroscience Proteomics research team Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Micro and nanoplastics in human blood detected again

Chemistry - Jun 24

A second study by analytical chemists and immunologists of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and Amsterdam University Medical Center (VUmc) on the presence

Event - Jun 25

About the scientific conference on transgender care on 27 June

On 27 June, a scientific conference on transgender care will take place at VU Amsterdam, organised by the Amsterdam Centre for Family Law. This conference will bring together experts from diverse perspectives to engage in a broad, balanced, and scientific discussion on current developments and challenges within this field.

Life Sciences - Jun 20

Wild pig plague is evolving rapidly

Animal species can sometimes evolve very quickly. Biologist Niek Barmentlo discovered that this is now happening in North America. Wild pigs have adapted to their environment and are now overrunning the United States.

Health - Jun 17

Dutch citizen needs to have a say in approach to outbreak control


Biomedical scientist Sophie Kemper studied citizen involvement in making policy on outbreak control.

VU Amsterdam expands assessment framework for international collaborations   

The Executive Board of VU Amsterdam has commissioned a project team to develop an assessment framework where international collaborations are evaluated against the values of the university and international human rights standards.

Guno Jones delivers inaugural lecture as first professor of Anton de Kom Chair

History & Archeology

Today, Guno Jones delivered his inaugural lecture as the first professor to hold the Anton de Kom Chair at VU Amsterdam.

Innovation - Jun 19

Centre for Philanthropic Studies: 'never before so little to charities'


The Center for Philanthropic Studies at VU Amsterdam presented the latest findings from the 'Giving in the Netherlands' study today.

Life Sciences - Jun 17

The role of brain connections in insomnia explained

Life Sciences

Insomnia is a common problem that also increases the risk of depression. Unfortunately, we do not yet sufficiently understand the underlying neurobiological mechanisms.

Environment - Jun 4

Bloody insights: organs-on-chip ready to help snake venom research


A 3D model of imitation blood vessels will make it possible to see exactly how snake venom attacks blood vessels, without having to use laboratory animals.