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Bloody insights: organs-on-chip ready to help snake venom research

Environment - Jun 4

A 3D model of imitation blood vessels will make it possible to see exactly how snake venom attacks blood vessels, without having to use laboratory animals. This new research model, called an organ-on-a-chip, was developed by a research team from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, MIMETAS and Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

Environment - Jun 4

Sustainable plastics are not a solution, researchers warn

With hundreds of millions of tonnes of plastic produced and used on a yearly basis, it's no surprise that people are looking for alternatives. Yet so-called 'sustainable plastics' are not a silver bullet, warn researchers Sara Gonella and Vincent de Gooyert from Radboud University.

Environment - May 24

30 million euros for research into climate change feedbacks


Climate change can accelerate due to feedback mechanisms: complex phenomena caused by climate change that in turn can further drive climate change.

Environment - Jun 3

Thawing permafrost: not a ticking time bomb, but cause for urgent concern


The thaw of permafrost is not a global climate 'tipping point'. That is the conclusion of an international group of scientists, including earth scientist Moritz Langer.

Environment - May 22

Seaweed forests are an overlooked component of oceanic carbon storage


A groundbreaking study by an international team of researchers has revealed seaweed forests to be significant contributors to oceanic carbon storage.

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Assistant Professor Environmental Spatial Analysis and Sustainable Land Use Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
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Assistant Professor in Global Geodetic Observing Systems Delft University of Technology
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PhD Position Computational Fluid Dynamics of Microplastics Delft University of Technology
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Lecturer in Spatial Planning & Design (0.8 FTE) University of Groningen
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Postdoc Acoustic Biodiversity Monitoring University of Amsterdam
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