Natural Sciences - Computer Science

EIC Pathfinder Grant to build prototypical quantum computer

The European Innovation Council (EIC) has awarded a Pathfinder Grant of about 3 million euros to the European consortium Quondensate. The consortium's research aims to result in a prototypical quantum computer which will overcome the conventional boundaries of standard information and computation technologies. The project is coordinated by Politecnico di Milano and partners include six prestigious universities and a world-leading company in the field of quantum technologies. Zeila Zanolli , associate professor at Utrecht University, is one of the principal investigators.

A new and efficient chip design will demand even more of modern chip machines

Innovation - Computer Science

How TU/e researchers push further the performance of computer chips while at the same time making them more efficient.

Teaching robots to see better

Computer Science - Transport

In his doctoral research, Daan de Geus worked on advanced image processing methods that allow robots and cars to better recognize what they see around them.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines joins AI & Mobility Lab

Computer Science - Transport

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will collaborate with Utrecht University in the AI Labs in the field of artificial intelligence. In the AI & Mobility Lab , young scientists will spend the coming years researching how smart software can support KLM in robust operational planning and recovery from disruptions.

’Music is not an extra, it’s a basic necessity’

Computer Science - Music

Music and computer science are the two passions of Anja Volk. By connecting these two fields, the professor of Music Information Computing hopes to unlock the fundamental role of music in our lives. On Tuesday, April 16, she delivered her inaugural lecture. With a surprising twist: she may be the first professor to have left the University Hall singing.

Our brain as an example

Life Sciences - Computer Science

TU/e researcher Imke Krauhausen built new electronic devices based on neuromorphic computing Our brain can process complex information at lightning speed using very little energy.

NWO Gravitation: nearly ten million euros for ’Challenges in Cyber Security’

Computer Science

Substantial funding for research project coordinated by Tanja Lange.

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