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Controlling chaotic turbulence to make ’cat-coat’ patterns in fluids

Researchers from TU/e and the University of Chicago discovered how to manipulate turbulent flows to create regular patterns like those seen in the tabby coat pattern of a cat. The new research has been published in Nature. Controlling the chaos of a turbulent flow to make regular patterns sounds like a contradiction in every sense of the word.

Health - Mathematics - Dec 21, 2023

Using mathematics to enhance kidney exchange programs

Danny Blom researched advanced models and their impact on the practice of kidney exchange. Imagine that you are patient in the final stages of renal disease.

Mathematics - Nov 20, 2023

Network function central to new Expertise Point for Mathematics


"Milestone in strengthening mathematics education," says outgoing minister Paul at launch. The new Expertise Point for Mathematics was opened last Friday at Utrecht University.

Mathematics - Apr 2

Sander Dahmen promoted to UHD

Mathematician Sander Dahmen got a promotion to Universitair Hoofddocent (UHD), which roughly corresponds to associate professor in the US system.

Mathematics - Dec 11, 2023

Spheres are (almost) always packed most efficiently as sausages


Physical experiments and simulations offer more insight into mathematical phenomenon 'sausage catastrophe'.

Event - Mathematics - Nov 6, 2023

Raffaella Mulas, Susie Protschky, and Makoto Takahashi receive VU Startpremie

Event - Mathematics

Mathematician Raffaella Mulas, political historian Susie Protschky, and geographer Makoto Takahashi each receive a VU Startpremie.

Mathematics - Jan 16

Mathematician Valentijn Karemaker joins The Young Academy

Valentijn Karemaker is joining The Young Academy (DJA), an independent platform for top young scientists and scholars with outspoken views about science and scholarship, created by the Royal Netherlands Academy for the Arts and Sciences (KNAW). In order to qualify for membership, young researchers must have already made their mark in science. They must also have a broad interest in science and scholarship, in the role that science plays in society, and in science policy. 

Currently 17 Job in field Mathematics.
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Innovation - 16.04
Postdoc Silico modeling and optimization of soft robotic hearts Delft University of Technology
Innovation - 15.04
Junior researcher Delft University of Technology
Mathematics - 08.04
PhD On Numerical Linear Algebra tools in Scientific Machine Learning Eindhoven University of Technology
Computer Science - 08.04
PhD on Structural (Mixed) Integer Programming in Combinatorial Optimization Eindhoven University of Technology
Mathematics - 04.04
Assistant Professor in (applied) probability Leiden University
Mathematics - 03.04
Three PhD positions on illumination optics design Eindhoven University of Technology
Mathematics - 02.04
Postdoc Computational Modeling for Drug Safety Prediction Leiden University
Mathematics - 29.03
Postdoc Quantum Error Correction and Quantum Graph Theory Eindhoven University of Technology
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