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TU/e professor breaks new ground with development of artificial tissue

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Jan van Hest receives ERC Advanced Grant for interplay between cells ánd scientific disciplines. Muscles are not only important for a killer body, but also for a healthy one. They are complex systems in which different cells play their own role. To better understand the function of living cells, Jan van Hest has long been developing artificial cells that can be studied outside the body.

ERC Advanced grant for pancreatic cancer research

Jai Prakash, a researcher at the TechMed Centre of the University of Twente receives an ERC Advanced Grant from the European Research Council. Prakash is one of the 255 outstanding research leaders in Europe to be awarded an ERC Advanced grant. He receives 2.5 million euros for research on understanding barriers causing treatment failures for pancreatic cancer and developing new treatments against this deadly cancer.

’To the roots of the matter’ part 3: Ronnie’s interacting plants

The visual series 'To the roots of the matter' presents stories from the Utrecht University plant labs. The third episode focuses on Ronnie de Jonge's research on the interaction between plants and microorganisms.

Uterus in motion

PhD candidate Connie Rees demonstrates that with a renewed ultrasound method, subtle movements of the uterus can be measured. This offers a new perspective on fertility issues in women with endometriosis.

Health - Apr 9

Improved monitoring of dangerous aneurysms


During her doctoral research, Esther Maas investigated the use of new ultrasound techniques to image dangerous aortic aneurysms for patient-specific care.

Better understanding of how breast cancer works

Health - Pharmacology

In her research into the response of breast cancer to the hormone estrogen, PhD candidate Stacey Joosten studied not only hormone-sensitive breast can

Millions in funding for mapping molecular changes in brain associated with brain disorders

Life Sciences - Health

The Institute for Chemical Neuroscience (iCNS) has been awarded a 23.23 million euro Gravitation grant.

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