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TU/e professor breaks new ground with development of artificial tissue

Health - Life Sciences

Jan van Hest receives ERC Advanced Grant for interplay between cells ánd scientific disciplines. Muscles are not only important for a killer body, but also for a healthy one. They are complex systems in which different cells play their own role. To better understand the function of living cells, Jan van Hest has long been developing artificial cells that can be studied outside the body.

Our brain as an example

Life Sciences - Computer Science

TU/e researcher Imke Krauhausen built new electronic devices based on neuromorphic computing Our brain can process complex information at lightning speed using very little energy.

’To the roots of the matter’ part 3: Ronnie’s interacting plants

The visual series 'To the roots of the matter' presents stories from the Utrecht University plant labs. The third episode focuses on Ronnie de Jonge's research on the interaction between plants and microorganisms.

Recently discovered bacterium holds promise for improved wastewater treatment

Life Sciences - Environment

The recent discovery of the comammox bacterium might prove pivotal in a new and improved approach to wastewater purification that will be more effici

FSC-certification of tropical forests proves beneficial for gorillas and elephants

Environment - Life Sciences

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)-certified timber harvesting areas in Gabon and Congo boast a greater abundance of larger mammals, such as leopards, gorillas, and elephants, than non-FSC forests.

Millions in funding for mapping molecular changes in brain associated with brain disorders

Life Sciences - Health

The Institute for Chemical Neuroscience (iCNS) has been awarded a 23.23 million euro Gravitation grant.

Jack Pronk receives the 2024 Novozymes Prize

The Novo Nordisk Foundation proudly announces Professor Jack Pronk as the recipient of the 2024 Novozymes Prize for his groundbreaking contributions to industrial biotechnology. His transformative research in yeast physiology and metabolic engineering has not only revolutionised biofuel and chemical production but has also provided critical solutions to longstanding challenges in sustainable bioprocesses.

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