Humanities - History/Archeology

Tine De Moor’s Rotterdamlezing celebrates the power of citizen collectives

The mutual distrust between government and citizens is difficult to resolve. Tine De Moor researches citizen collectives. During the 20th Rotterdam Lecture, she showed what we can learn from the history of these initiatives and what their value is. "Members of citizen collectives experience grip on their lives as a result," she says.

What height says about the development of our prosperity and health

Health - History

As a boy, did you grow up among sisters in around 1850? Then you probably grew taller than a boy who only had brothers.

Gravitation grant for research into therapies for blindness, adaptability in crises

Several projects involving researchers from Radboud University and Radboudumc are receiving NWO Gravitation Grants. These projects will each receive amounts of more than 20 million euros for top research.

Revealed: this is what this 15th-century painting looked like before it was painted over

Art and Design - History

Frequin was one of three speakers on the Paleissymposium. Assistant Professor Sanne Frequin was one of the three speakers at the Paleissymposium, with King Willem-Alexander as host.

New book dives into history of Dutch secret service

Stories about the secret services during the interwar period, sensitive documents buried in a backyard to hide them from the Nazis, and a report classified as a state secret for 60 years.

Historical ’seed lists’ teach researchers about plant collections of the past

NWO has awarded Utrecht University Botanic Gardens a Museum Grant worth 37.000 euros to digitise their extensive archive of seed lists. The - now still analog - collection of lists forms a valuable source of data, and digitising it allows researchers to discover previously hidden patterns.