Grey’s Anatomy or Me Before You helps in coping with death

People actively engaging with death, for instance by reading about it, and then watching a film where that subject is central, learn to deal with death better. This is shown by research by Enny Das and Anneke de Graaf from Radboud University. "It's quite strange that we enjoy watching films about death," explains professor of Persuasive Communication Enny Das.

’Just because something is complex doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to explain it’

Linguistics & Literature

Over the past months, PhD candidate Roy Hoitink found himself in several theaters. Not to perform in a theatrical production, but to answer science questions from fourth graders. "The curiosity present in young children is something I find really beautiful," he says.

Media - Mar 28

Gossip is good for your social life and allows you to cooperate better


Gossip is inextricably linked to our social interactions. We gossip to keep each other informed about the behavior and character of others.