Humanities - Music

’Music is not an extra, it’s a basic necessity’

Computer Science - Music

Music and computer science are the two passions of Anja Volk. By connecting these two fields, the professor of Music Information Computing hopes to unlock the fundamental role of music in our lives. On Tuesday, April 16, she delivered her inaugural lecture. With a surprising twist: she may be the first professor to have left the University Hall singing.

Listening to music after stress: ’Genre doesn’t matter’

Feeling stressed? "Take Me Home, Country Roads", "Nothing Else Matters" or "Baby One More Time" might calm you down again.

Music - Pedagogy - Nov 29, 2023

Bringing some fun to practicing an instrument

Music - Pedagogy

Heqiu Song defended her PhD thesis at the Department of Industrial Design on November 28th. Practice makes perfect.

Event - Music - Jan 25

Exhale Opening Party on 19 January 2024

On Friday 19 January 2024, Exhale, a social living room powered by X, hosted a party to celebrate its official opening. Hundreds of students from TU Delft visited Exhale to get to know the space for the first time, get together and enjoy food and good music.