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36000 buried tea bags aid science and bring to light the importance of soil

Environment - Jul 3

By burying 36,000 tea bags and retrieving them three months later, researchers and citizen scientists worldwide gathered data on the decomposition of plant material in soil.

Environment - Jul 9

Climate Council advises government: Act decisively and with policy on CO2 removal to meet climate goals

Active government action is needed to remove CO2 from our atmosphere.

Designerly ways of caring / Sustainable future healthcare

We all read it in the news from time to time: our current healthcare system is under pressure. We face the challenges of an ageing population, more people living longer with chronic diseases and as a result we have to deal with rising costs and staff shortages.

Midnight sun on Svalbard: expedition to phytoplankton

On July 5, 2024, five researchers from Radboud University will travel to the far north to research climate change on Svalbard. For a week, the scientists, led by earth scientist Wytze Lenstra, will take samples of the sea floor and water column in one of the fjords.

Michelle van Vliet appointed Professor of Water Quality and Sustainable Water Systems

From 15 July 2024, Michelle van Vliet will be appointed professor of Water Quality and Sustainable Water Systems at the department of Physical Geography at the faculty of Geosciences. "A main challenge that we are facing is how to ensure sufficient water of suitable quality for meeting human demands and healthy ecosystems in our changing world?"

Environment - Jul 10

Rising sea levels spell danger for shorebirds such as oystercatcher

Research by James Cook University in Australia involving Radboud scientists shows that rising sea levels will drastically reduce the number of shorebirds in Europe. The number of oystercatchers on three Waddeneilanden will decline an additional 56 to 79 percent over the next 100 years due to sea level rise.

Environment - Jun 28

June edition Delft Matters published


The new Delft Matters is out and is full of all the great things that are happening in our TU Delft community.