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Better understanding of how breast cancer works

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In her research into the response of breast cancer to the hormone estrogen, PhD candidate Stacey Joosten studied not only hormone-sensitive breast cancer in postmenopausal women but also in men and in women before the menopause. The aim was to gain an even better understanding of how this type of breast cancer works.

How to prevent social desirability bias in surveys

Marketing researcher Rik Pieters has developed, together with colleagues from other universities, a new, indirect questioning technique to improve the chance that people answer truthfully. The technique can be used, for instance, in conducting surveys or in making policies.

Many new oncology drugs approved in the EU lack proof of added benefit

Pharmacology - Health

Many cancer drugs recently approved by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) lack clear proof of added benefit.

Health - Pharmacology - Dec 21, 2023

New UT research into breast cancer and pancreatic cancer

KWF honors four projects in which UT researchers are involved. Three projects focus on patients with breast cancer, with two projects focusing on early monitoring of the side effects of chemotherapy and another project focusing on seeing whether tumor tissue remains during surgery.

Improving the implementation of innovative methods in health technology assessment practice

Health - Pharmacology

To make sure that the methods used to determine whether new forms of health care should be reimbursed or not, are future-proof and well-suited to the forms of health care being assessed.

Interview with Judith Rietjens: ’We need to cherish the conversation again’

Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering and Erasmus MC's department of Public Health. On 26 January, she will give her inaugural lecture at the TU Delft Aula.

Health - Pharmacology - Dec 5, 2023

Tight bonds helped British variant of coronavirus

Health - Pharmacology

A key factor in the rapid spread of the so-called British coronavirus variant appears to be stronger attachments between the virus and human cells.

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