A route to scalable Majorana qubits

Physics - Jun 12

Researchers at QuTech have found a way to make Majorana particles in a two-dimensional plane. This was achieved by creating devices that exploit the combined material properties of superconductors and semiconductors. The inherent flexibility of this new 2D platform should allow one to perform experiments with Majoranas that were previously inaccessible. The results are published in Nature .

Life Sciences - Jun 10

Meike Bos investigated how lungs transport mucus by using physics

Life Sciences

Applying physics to better understand complicated biological processes: that is what Meike Bos did during her PhD.

Inclusive integration policy can reduce perception of diversity as a threat

Increasing ethnic and racial diversity in Western societies often accompanies feelings of threat among the ethnic majorities of a country. New research from Tilburg University shows that an inclusive integration policy can reduce the perception of diversity as a threat. The research suggests that policies that give immigrants more equal rights are particularly effective in promoting social cohesion and reducing tensions in Western societies.

Pedagogy - Jun 7

Papiamentu should be a structural part of reading instruction on ABC islands

On the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curašao, children until recently only learned to read in a language foreign to them: Dutch. It was not until 2001 that their native language, Papiamentu, was also introduced as a language of instruction in primary schools.

Media - Jun 6

How long will the African population continue to grow?

According to the United Nations (UN) population projections, the population of Africa will continue to grow strongly in the course of this century, while on other continents population growth will decline in the near future.

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