Engineering sciences - Electroengineering

Freezing electronics to control diamond spin qubits

Electroengineering - Physics

Researchers from Fujitsu and QuTech have developed new and ultra-cold electronic circuits to control diamond-based quantum bits. As a result of their joint research project, it becomes possible to build larger quantum computers, through overcoming the 'wiring bottleneck', while maintaining high quality performance. In fact, both the quantum bits and the control electronics can be conveniently operated in a single compact cryogenic refrigerator. The researchers publish their results at IEEE's ISSCC.

2.5 million euros for research on ’lightning in a bottle’

Career - Electroengineering

TU/e researcher Sander Nijdam receives the ERC Consolidator Grant. He aims to unravel the secrets of lightning in his laboratory.

Preventing power quality issues caused by electric vehicle charging

Electroengineering - Transport

Along with ElaadNL, PhD researcher Tim Slangen studied the phenomenon known as supraharmonic disturbances, which can adversely affect the operation and efficiency of electrical appliances.