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DesignLab launches the DesignLab Academy for professionals

DesignLab proudly announces the launch of their Academy. Within the DesignLab Academy, the focus is on futures thinking; understanding the possibilities of the future so that we know how our decisions today will impact the world of tomorrow. The current era is characterised by complex global issues such as climate change, energy transition, and the rise of AI.

Investment in engineering education provides boost to Dutch chip sector

The University of Twente is developing a plan together with institutions in scientific and vocational education in the Groningen, Delft, Eindhoven and Twente regions to educate more technical talent.

Career - Mar 19

Excessive flexibility due to flexible contracts can negatively affect workers well-being

On Friday, March 22, 2024, José Gabriel Carreńo will defend his PhD thesis titled: Three Essays on Wage Compensation and Flexible Contracts. In his PhD thesis, Carreńo found that the reliance on flexible contracts may lead to a decrease in worker welfare. This excessive flexibility, while beneficial for economic stability to some extent, can result in job insecurity for workers, adversely affecting their overall well-being.

Large research grant for reducing distance to labour market for people with disability

The University of Twente is to develop a new matching algorithm and online job platforms to reduce the distance to the labour market for people with disabilities. Science financier NWO recently awarded over 1.7 million euros within the KIC Programme Participate in the Labour Market. "The realisation of sustainable employability of employed people is central for us," says the researcher.

AiNed Fellowship Grant for Aaqib Saeed

With this fellowship, Dr. Aaqib Saeed will address the challenges of harnessing decentralized audio data using artificial intelligence (AI) in order to generate clinically actionable insights.

Career - Mar 15

More objective application procedures ensure greater equality in selection, but managers still aren’t convinced

Leaving out personal data on CVs leads to a considerably higher chance of employers selecting candidates with a migration background.

Campus - Career - Mar 4

67 years of women at TU/e

Campus - Career

[VIDEO] In light of International Women's Day, we delve into the history of women at our university.