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Eindhoven to host this year’s World Robot Championships


Eindhoven University of Technology is hosting this year's World Robot Championship. Its own team, Tech United, is a multiple world champion and expects to score in front of the home crowd as well! Each year at the RoboCup, the best teams compete for world titles in various robot competitions for fully autonomous robots that play soccer matches, perform household chores, or engage in rescue work in difficult places.

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Selected Jobs
Agronomy/Food Science - 15.06
Full Professor Digitally Controlled Environmental Agriculture Maastricht University
Electroengineering - 14.06
Elektronisch ontwikkelaar Maastricht University
Electroengineering - 12.06
Exciting Post-Doc Opportunity in Electromagnetic Compatibility Eindhoven University of Technology
Pedagogy - 12.06
Assistant Professor Model-Driven Design of Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Eindhoven University of Technology
Agronomy/Food Science - 11.06
Research Analist: Weefselkweek en gene editing Maastricht University
Electroengineering - 05.06
Postdoc on optimized power converter for offshore wind power to hydrogen Eindhoven University of Technology
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