30 million euros for research into climate change feedbacks

Environment - May 24

Climate change can accelerate due to feedback mechanisms: complex phenomena caused by climate change that in turn can further drive climate change. An example is the extra CO2 emissions from thawing permafrost. Research into the influence of feedback mechanisms in the long term has been ongoing, and modern climate change research is obviously happening as well, but the connection between the two has so far been underemphasized. EMBRACER, a globally unique center with leading climate experts, aims to change that with a 10-year research project of ¤30 million, funded by NWO. "This is really the next step in climate research."

Environment - May 22

Seaweed forests are an overlooked component of oceanic carbon storage


A groundbreaking study by an international team of researchers has revealed seaweed forests to be significant contributors to oceanic carbon storage.

Physics - May 21

Strings that can vibrate forever (kind of)


Researchers from TU Delft and Brown University have engineered string-like resonators capable of vibrating longer at ambient temperature than any p

Innovation - May 22

A new and efficient chip design will demand even more of modern chip machines


How TU/e researchers push further the performance of computer chips while at the same time making them more efficient.

Chemistry - May 16

Nanobubble research to improve green hydrogen production


In a novel study , researchers of the University of Twente have made significant strides in understanding the behaviour of microand nanobubbles on electrodes during water electrolysis.

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