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Social Sciences - 07.12.2023
New Approach to Volunteerism Needed to Counter Turnover
Volunteers are of great value to society, both individually and economically. Although the number of volunteers has increased slightly this year in The Netherlands, it is still not back to pre-COVID levels. A decline in the number of volunteers is also visible worldwide. New research provides insight into volunteer turnover and offers tools for organizations to counter this turnover.

Environment - Social Sciences - 06.10.2023
Amazon may hold over 10,000 hidden earthworks built by pre-Columbian societies
Amazon may hold over 10,000 hidden earthworks built by pre-Columbian societies
The Amazon rainforest may be home to thousands of hidden earthworks, made by pre-Columbian societies. This is revealed by a large international study investigating the distribution of these hidden structures. Biologist Hans ter Steege contributed to the research. "This discovery tells us that certain parts of the forest may not be as old as we initially thought." The dense Amazon Rainforest may hold far more traces of human civilization than previously believed.

Social Sciences - Politics - 09.09.2023
Nationalism increases support for LGBTQ+ community: Enemy of enemy is my friend
Nationalism increases support for LGBTQ+ community: Enemy of enemy is my friend
An anti-gay protest by Muslims elicits more sympathy for the LGBTQ+ community than when it is organized by natives. This is especially true if the observer already held a negative view of ethnic minorities, according to an experimental study conducted by political scientists Alberto López Ortega and Stuart Turnbull-Dugarte (University of Southampton) among over 2,300 British and Spanish citizens.

Life Sciences - Social Sciences - 03.08.2023
NWO Veni grants for research into frontline workers, social media and more
The Dutch Research Council (NWO) has awarded a Veni grant to ten young researchers at Radboud University. With this grant of up to 280.000 euro they can further elaborate their own ideas during a period of three years. Veni is aimed at excellent researchers who have recently obtained their PhDs.

Social Sciences - 13.07.2023
Teachers play key role during school closure to keep students motivated
Teachers play a key role when it comes to making students feel seen, confident and motivated during forced school closings. The importance of emotional support is greater than teachers realize. Combined with high-quality online instruction, it makes vulnerable students participate better in classes.

Health - Social Sciences - 06.07.2023
Awards SGW Open Competition XS for VU researchers
61 promising research projects, eight of which are at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, will start with Open Competition SGW XS funding from NWO. The researchers set to work with a promising idea or an innovative and risky initiative. For VU Amsterdam, these are the following promising researchers in alphabetical order: Social and organizational psychologist Hillie Aaldering with Are men allowed to be more selfish than women?

Social Sciences - 22.05.2023
Unique study on AI among children in the Netherlands
Unique study on AI among children in the Netherlands
Engage with children on ethical and social norms for artificial intelligence Relational skills of children are unique sources of inspiration for the development of human-centred Artificial or Artificial Intelligence (AI). But children are still too little involved in the public dialogue on AI systems.

Social Sciences - 03.05.2023
How do makerspaces contribute to urban vitalism?
In recent years, researchers noticed the return of making practices, small-scale manufacturing and independent craft production to postindustrial cities. This 'maker movement' comes together in so called 'makerspaces' and, more generally, in community-based spaces of making. How do these spaces contribute to urban vitalism? Researchers Amanda Brandellero and Anna Niutta conducted empirical research on the opportunities and limitations of these spaces in Turin, Italy.

Environment - Social Sciences - 24.04.2023
'The techniques for the energy transition are not there yet'
’The techniques for the energy transition are not there yet’
At Utrecht University, interdisciplinary research into a sustainable future comes together in Pathways to Sustainability. To do justice to the natural sciences in this strategic theme, Professor René van Roij  together with several colleagues from the Faculties of Science and Geosciences initiated the community Science for Sustainability  a year ago.

Social Sciences - 21.04.2023
Even in an extremely hierarchical monkey society, individuals help each other
Some individuals in an extremely hierarchical society of monkeys help others by providing them with food, without receiving a direct reward themselves. As this is the first time that such 'prosocial' behaviour is seen in a species that is not considered socially peaceful or tolerant, these results have consequences for the understanding of the evolution of cooperative behaviours.

Social Sciences - 19.04.2023
The human tendency to help exists in all cultures
People from different cultures are more alike than we first thought. All over the world, people tend to respond to requests for help and help others. This is the conclusion of a new linguistic study that appeared in Nature Scientific Reports, and in which several Radboud researchers collaborated. Linguist Mark Dingemanse, one of the project's researchers, calls the results "heartening" and striking.

Campus - Social Sciences - 16.02.2023
Asking the right questions | Brenda Erens
Dr. started her academic career at the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience at Maastricht University. There she did the bachelor in Psychology and subsequently, the master in Forensic Psychology. After graduation, Erens went to work at Veilig Thuis (Safe Home): the advice and report centre for child abuse and domestic violence in Heerlen.

Social Sciences - 13.02.2023
Independent inquiry exonerates Professor Machteld Marcelis
Professor Machteld Marcelis can continue her work at Maastricht University, the university's Executive Board has determined.

Social Sciences - 10.02.2023
'Children with Developmental Language Disorder do catch up partially'
’Children with Developmental Language Disorder do catch up partially’
Contrary to what has been assumed, children with severe developmental language disorder (DLD) do in fact partially catch up upon their delays in language development. This was observed by researcher and speech and language therapist Gerda Bruinsma , Professor of Speech Therapy Ellen Gerrits and Professor of Psycholinguistics Frank Wijnen in their research at the Institute for Language Sciences.

Social Sciences - 06.02.2023
Curious about resilience
"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and trying new things, because we are curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.", Walt Disney In Lewis Carroll's famous "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" Alice is confronted with a series of unexpected and challenging situations.

Social Sciences - 30.01.2023
Is a later primary school exit test better for migrant children?
Immigrants form an increasing share of the Dutch population. Several barriers, such as a lack of Dutch language skills or limited knowledge on Dutch institutions, can hamper the integration process.   A major channel for integration is education. It can, among others, improve chances to receive higher incomes and help to build networks.

Social Sciences - 30.01.2023
Is een latere eindtoets in het basisonderwijs beter voor migrantenkinderen?
Immigranten vormen een steeds groter deel van de Nederlandse bevolking. Zaken als een gebrek aan Nederlandse taalvaardigheid of een beperkte kennis over Nederlandse instellingen, kunnen het integratieproces belemmeren. Onderwijs is een belangrijke manier om te integreren. Het kan onder meer de kansen op een hoger inkomen verbeteren en helpen netwerken op te bouwen.