World's first coffee fountain at VU campus 

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam is making history by introducing the world's first coffee fountain on a university campus.

This initiative underscores our university’s ongoing commitment to innovation and social responsibility. The fountain will be entirely made of sustainably recycled materials, using only fair trade coffee from ecological and organic sources.

The coffee fountain provides our students and staff with a constant supply of much-needed caffeine. Due to the central location of the fountain, we hope that more people will take a stroll on the renovated campus square. During exam weeks, extra-strong brew will flow from the coffee fountain. For milk lovers, there are smaller fountains next to the main fountain where plant-based milk is available. Coffee and milk are complimentary for everyone who brings their own cup for consumption.


"This is a milestone for our university and an example of our dedication to our community and progress in sustainability, entrepreneurship, and diversity," said executive board member Marcel Nollen. "The coffee fountain symbolises our ambition to provide innovative solutions that serve not only the campus community but also the planet."

The arrival of the coffee fountain is part of the ongoing renovation of the campus square. The initiative is the result of close collaboration between various departments within VU and local businesses committed to sustainability. The fountain is just one of VU’s many initiatives to promote sustainability, entrepreneurship, and diversity, alongside the contributions made by VU Art & Science Gallery, VU Griffioen, Rialto VU, and the VU Sports Centre to the social campus.

The first stone of the coffee fountain will be laid next Monday. We invite students, staff, and visitors to join us in celebrating this milestone and promoting a future driven by sustainability, entrepreneurship, and diversity.