’Will I still have a pension by the time I retire?’ Six questions to Lisa Brüggen, new Endowed Professor of Retirement Communications and Choice Guidance

On January 1, 2024, Dr. Lisa Brüggen was appointed Endowed Professor of Retirement Communications and Choice Guidance, a chair established and funded by Instituut Gak. Retirement communication is critical to effectively guiding people in the choices they need to make around pension and retirement. Six questions for Lisa Brüggen on pensions.

The pensions landscape has changed dramatically in recent decades. This shift has led to a greater need for effective retirement communications and choice guidance. It is for this reason that the endowed chair of Retirement Communications and Choice Guidance has been established, funded by Instituut Gak , a foundation that aims to improve the quality of social security and labor market policy in the Netherlands by funding projects and scientific research.

Many people do not know exactly how much pension they can expect or what options are available

Lisa Brüggen

    Over Lisa Brüggen

    Directeur Netspar

    Professor Lisa Brüggen is the director of  Netspar , partner of Tilburg University. She is also Professor of Financial Services at the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics (SBE) and Principal Investigator at BISS, the Brightlands Institute for Smart Society at Maastricht University. Furthermore, she serves on the Supervisory Board of Nibud (National Institute for Family Finance Information) as well as on the SPMS Pension Policy Committee. 

    She has won several awards, including the American Marketing Association Emerging Scholar Award. She has also been awarded NWO (Dutch research council) and Netspar grants for her research into retirement communications and the question how people can better prepare for their approaching retirement. Her work has been published in leading international journals, such as Journal of Marketing. 


Noot voor de pers

Voor meer informatie kunt u contact opnemen met Lisa Brüggen ( E.C.Bruggen@tilburguniversity.edu ) of met persvoorlichter Lieke Steijvers, 10713147 / L.M.Steijvers@tilburguniversity.edu