Partial closure of Cambridgelaan

From 18 December 2023 until 1 March 2024, Cambridgelaan will be closed to vehicular traffic. For cyclists, Cambridgelaan will be closed between 2 January and 12 January.

This closure is necessary to move the sewer. The sewer is now under the meadow where the International School Utrecht (ISU) is being built. Utrecht University has to make the plot ready for building. To do so, the sewer must be placed under Cambridgelaan. It concerns the part of Cambridgelaan between the Martinus Langeveld building and the building of Hogeschool Utrecht (Padualaan 97). Utrecht University has awarded this contract to contractor Schagen Infra.

Planning of site preparation

4 December 2023: start of construction work

From Monday 4 December, contractor Schagen Infra will start preparing the site for the construction of the ISU. Groundwork will take place and water courses will be dug on and next to the future construction site. This is necessary to compensate the current water courses on the site. This work is not expected to cause any inconvenience to residents, cyclists or motorists.

18 December 2023 - mid-February 2024: Closure of Cambridgelaan to cars

From Monday 18 December, contractor Schagen will start preparations for the sewer work. The asphalt will be milled and shuttering and drainage will be installed where the sewer is to be laid. This will ensure a dry working area. From this moment on, Cambridgelaan is closed to car traffic. Supplies to Hogeschool Utrecht can be delivered via an adapted entrance. Visitors to the Cambridgelaan car park must reach the garage via Bolognalaan. Depending on their destination, traffic will be diverted via Leuvenlaan/Universiteitsweg/Bolognalaan. This closure will last until mid-February 2024.

2 January 2024 - 12 January 2024: closure Cambridgelaan for cyclists

From Monday 2 January, contractor Schagen Infra is to lay the sewer under the cycle path. The bike path will be closed from Monday 2 January until 12 January 2024. Cyclists will be diverted via Oxfordpad/Padualaan/Coimbrapad (and vice versa).

Working hours and arrangements

The works will take place between 7am and 4pm. Electrical equipment will be used as much as possible to minimise noise pollution. Various measures will also be taken to prevent the work being delayed due to bad weather. For this work, contractor Schagen infra has appointed environment manager Danique Roodbergen for questions and or complaints about the work.

Environmental manager: Danique Roodbergen
Contact details: - 45 163 684

What is the International School Utrecht?

The International School Utrecht (ISU) is coming to the Utrecht Science Park. The school is now in a temporary building at Van Deventerlaan 1 in Utrecht Papendorp. The ISU offers appropriate education to children of internationally working parents who spend an average of 3 years in the Netherlands. Worldwide, children follow the same curriculum in English. This allows them to change countries and schools without falling behind. The ISU also provides appropriate education to Dutch children returning from abroad with their families, or leaving abroad with their parents in the near future. The ISU has been in existence for 10 years. There are now 1,100 students at the school with 63 different nationalities.