From disposables to reusables

Resource depletion is a threat to our planet. Improved recycling, resource efficiency and reuse of materials can prevent resource depletion. This is why UU is working towards a future without waste. New rules support this goal. From 1 July, no disposable plastic cups and containers for drinks and meals may be offered for free, and from 1 January 2024 this will be banned altogether.

New rules

Plastic litter is increasing every year and is harmful to the environment. The government wants to reduce disposable plastic. And collect and recycle more plastic. Therefore, rules apply to products made of disposable plastic. From 1 July 2023, disposable cups and containers containing plastic may no longer be provided free of charge. From 1 January 2024, these will be banned altogether.

These new rules support UU’s ambition to reduce our amount of waste. It seems like something small, but we consume a lot of disposable cups. Almost 1.2 million in 2022. Single-use cups often end up in residual waste or they pollute other waste streams such as plastic and paper streams. Waste that cannot be recycled or reused on the other hand is incinerated.

What do the new rules mean for you?

From 1 July, disposable cups will no longer be offered free of charge. This applies, for example, to cups in the coffee machines, coffee cups and trays in the restaurants and for the food trucks in the USP. From then on, you pay a fee when using disposable cups and trays.

Reusable options will be offered as much as possible. An alternative is also to bring your own reusable crockery and coffee cup from home. The food trucks on campus and restaurants in our buildings will support the use of your own tableware.

The changes at a glance:

  • From 1 July, the coffee machine will ask if you want to use a coffee cup (or if you have one yourself).
  • Disposable coffee cups cost 10 cents now and 25 cents from 1 July.
  • At deluxe machines, disposable cups will remain for the time being. Here, the price of coffee will be increased by 25 cents.
  • Food trucks must also charge for their disposable items. They determine their own solutions. You can always use your own tableware.
  • In restaurants in UU buildings, you are offered reusable crockery. The caterer has also made the choice to work with the BillieCup. This is a coffee cup that you can ’rent’ for 1 euro and use in all restaurants and return it for cleaning. You may also bring your own tableware or cups.
  • The cup from the vending machine will dissapear

    The goal is to eventually use no disposables at all. By 1 January at the latest, the disposable cup will disappear from vending machines. A cup of coffee or tea will then only be taken from the vending machine with your own reusable cup.