Equitable and accessible 15-minute neighbourhoods in urban outskirts

How can shared mobility services, such as shared bikes and cars, help to create neighbourhoods where people do not need to own a car to access all their basic essentials? Can neighbourhoods be transformed in such a way that citizens to access all’of their basic needs within 15 minutes by foot or by bicycle? What business models and policies are needed to create shared mobility services in urban outskirts. In the urban outskirts, basic essentials such as jobs and shops may quite far way, and residents have lower income compared to people living in than city centers.

These questions are examined in the three year project DREAMS (Driving Equitable and Accessible 15 Minute Neighbourhood Transformations) project. The DREAMS project is one of 25 projects funded by NWO in the Driving Urban Transitions Partnership. The DREAMS project is coordinated by Prof. Karst Geurs from the Department of Civil Engineering and Management (ET), with a budget of 2.2 million Euro. The consortium consists of 28 partners from six countries.

The DREAMS project will develop 15-Minute City plans and scenarios and conduct experiments with shared mobility services in the urban outskirts of Utrecht, Paris, Munich, Vienna, Brussels and Budapest, and evaluate its societal impacts. The DREAMS project takes a co-creation approach involving citizens, companies and governments, and jointly develop new business models and governance framework to develop inclusive and sustainable shared mobility services in the urban outskirts of cities.

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