UT-studentteam HyDriven presentslatest hydrogen racecar

Student team -Green Team Twenterevealed its latest hydrogen racing car and full rebranding at the Car Reveal at the Wilminktheater in Enschede on May 30th, and will continue as -HyDriven-.

After two years of research, testing, and redesigning to meet the rules of the -Formula Student- (FS) race, the moment is here: the world’s first homebuilt hydrogen-powered Formula Student race car is a reality. Just a little more unique, from our own Twente. During the Car Reveal on the 30th of May, the team gave a little insight in this racecar’s improvements. This includes their redesigned hydrogen storage system, which ensures a higher power input so the car can drive longer and faster. Next to that, the aerodynamic design creates more downforce, so the car sticks better to the ground. On top of that, HyDriven made the wheels of their previous car spin on hydrogen for the first time ever, proving that it is possible to build a hydrogen Formula Student racecar!

The race in which HyDriven is participating is also extra special this year. This will be the first year in the history of Formula Student in which a hydrogen-powered class will be part of the competition. HyDriven will set the tone by being the very first team to compete in this class at the FS circuit in France at the end of August.

As this year is also the first year that combustion engines have been prohibited in some FS competitions, this is the moment to make a statement. The goal? To challenge other FS teams to switch to hydrogen and accelerate innovation in hydrogen inside and outside FS.

To achieve this, it is essential that their identity has a strong link to hydrogen. Therefore, the decision was made to rebrand to a completely new name, colour, and look. With this renewed identity, HyDriven will race next summer to present the potential of hydrogen to the outside world.

During the Formula Student races in the Netherlands and France, the car will be tested on both static and dynamic events. Besides the engineering and racing aspects, the FS is about students developing other skills such as designing, presenting, and creating a business plan. HyDriven is excited for the first races under their new name.

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