UT and Central Government Launch Digital Design & Architecture Course

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On 16 May, the new Digital Design & Architecture course at the University of Twente (UT) will commence. This groundbreaking initiative has been developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and the PM DDA foundation. The course aims to train a new generation of strategic top architects who will design better information architectures for the government. Recent ICT challenges within the government, such as the benefits scandal, highlight the importance and necessity of taking action.

The rapid rise of digitalisation impacts not only technology but also service delivery models, business models, decision-making processes, partnerships, and social and economic structures. These developments require a completely different approach to design and architecture to effectively organise information and other resources.

The Digital Design & Architecture (DDA) course focuses on renewing and strengthening the function, role, and responsibility of the digitally skilled architect. This aligns with the University of Twente’s ambition in the area of Lifelong Learning, which aims at the continuous development of professionals. The course emphasises providing optimal support to clients and stakeholders at a strategic level: from the outset and within all facets of the organisation and the issues at hand.

During the programme, participants will be presented with practical cases, which they will examine from multiple perspectives. Throughout the learning process, techniques and methods are repeated and simultaneously expanded to increasingly complex scenarios. This ensures a thorough and practical approach to digital design and architecture issues.

The Digital Design & Architecture course at the University of Twente offers professionals the opportunity to delve into the essential skills needed to navigate the rapidly evolving digital world, thereby contributing to strengthening the digital capacity and resilience of organisations in the public sector.

Unique Collaboration

The new course has been established thanks to intensive collaboration with Stichting PM DDA, the Government Commissioner for Information Management, and the I-Partnerschap Rijk-Education partnership. Both the commissioner’s office and the I-Partnerschap programme are part of the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations.

During a meeting on 16 May, the DDA course was officially launched. The ceremony began with an opening address by MariŽlle Stoelinga from the University of Twente, followed by a speech from Machteld Roos of the Executive Board and a video message from John Waser. Afterwards, the course was officially started by Tanya Bondarouk (Dean of BMS), Peter Veltink (Acting Dean of EEMCS), and Machteld Roos (Executive Board), who jointly pressed a button.

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