University of Twente excels in student satisfaction in National Student Survey

Students at the University of Twente have once again rated their study programmes with high marks in the latest edition of the National Student Survey (NSE). This was published today.

In recent years, the University of Twente has consistently scored among the best universities in the country when it comes to student appreciation. For example, students are asked to give an overall score for their study programme. There, UT scores a 3.99 on a scale of 1 to 5. Off all full-time universities, only the university in Wageningen scores slightly higher. The 3.99 is almost the same as the score in 2023, when UT achieved 3.98.

Above national average

The National Student Survey, which was conducted in the period January-March, surveys all students of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes in the Netherlands on five main themes, e.g. content and organisation of teaching, preparation for a professional career,  teachers and study guidance. On all themes, UT scores above the national average. On the theme of study guidance, the rating is the highest, 4.06. This is 0.03 higher than last year.

In addition, universities have the option of including specific questions in the NSE for their own students. For example, UT asked about perceived study load (score 3.47 in 2024 compared to 3.44 in 2023) and equal treatment (4.09 in 2024 versus 4.07 in 2023).

Finally, UT asked students how likely they were to recommend UT to friends and family, on a scale of 1 to 10. For the recruitment of new students, this is a highly relevant insight, as current students are an important ambassador for the UT to study seekers. This yielded a so-called net promoter score (NPS) of 39.5. This is slightly higher than in 2023, when the score was 39.3. The NPS is minimum -100 and maximum +100, with typically 0 being considered good and a score of 50 or higher being excellent. All in all, a very nice score, then.


In total, some 3,500 UT students completed the survey, which is 31 per cent of the total number of students. This high score is a good indicator of the commitment students feel towards their studies and the university. High participation is also very important for the representativeness of the figures, making them a good basis for the conversation about the quality of education. The NSE results are part of the continuous evaluation of education, in which study associations are also closely involved by the management of the programmes.

The NSE results also help potential study seekers in finding a suitable programme. The results are used, for example, in study finder tools such as the Keuzegids and Elsevier’s Best Studies survey.

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