University of Twente Co-Leader of the National Network for Citizen Science

 The Citizen Science Netherlands (CS-NL) network can continue its activities thanks to a grant from Open Science NL of the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO). Coordination is handled by the University of Twente and Leiden University. The awarding of the grant was celebrated on May 28, 2024, where the vision for this network was also presented in the presence of the Open Science NL team. 

In March 2024, the new management body awarded a grant of 1.1 million euros to the Citizen Science Netherlands (CS-NL) network to further expand and professionalise it over the next four years together with the community. The coordination is in the hands of Leiden University and the University of Twente. Co-coordinating CS-NL allows UT to promote its pioneering role in Citizen Science and help shape the future of Citizen Science in the Netherlands. 


Several members of the Citizen Science working group who advised the National Open Science Program on the establishment of such a network were also present at the presentation. The presented vision describes how the network was formed, and the mission and goals are stated. The Citizen Science Hub Twente, coordinated from DesignLab, is one of the leaders of this network. The Citizen Science Hub Twente (CSHT) was established thanks to the European project INCENTIVE, following advice from the Shaping Expert Group Citizen Science. CSHT aims to promote Citizen Science and serve as a knowledge centre bridging researchers and citizens. 


CS-NL aims to bring together those involved in Citizen Science to share knowledge. This includes practitioners, initiators, researchers, and citizens from all corners of society (citizens, government, industry, researchers, and local organizations). The network unites the many domains in which research is conducted with citizens, ranging from air quality, biodiversity and health, to astronomy, waste, and sustainability. Plans for the next four years are detailed in the grant application. These plans were developed in collaboration with the Citizen Science community and will be implemented as much as possible together. Initiatives, knowledge, tools, and information will be shared via a national platform to be developed. Members will meet on network days, symposia, workshops, and webinars. Additionally, the network consists of several thematic and working groups. 

Hans de Jonge, director of Open Science NL: -With this grant, the Netherlands joins a series of other European countries with strong national Citizen Science networks. These networks are a crucial requirement for strengthening Citizen Science and public engagement.- 

Staff and students of the University of Twente who are interested in Citizen Science or want to apply it in their research can join the national CS-NL network ( LinkedIn group ) and reach out locally to the Citizen Science Hub Twente (coordinator Saskia Baas). 

The CS-NL team would also like to celebrate the start of this funding boost with the entire network. A festive reception will take place on Monday afternoon, July 1, where the vision will be presented. If you want to stay informed, sign up for the or join the LinkedIn group. 

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