TU Delft maintains top 50 position in QS World University Ranking

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TU Delft maintains its position in the top 50 of the 21st edition of the authoritative QS World University Ranking (2025) and is therefore in the top 4% of the highest scoring universities in the world. TU Delft achieved position 49 in the latest ranking, the second best result since TU Delft participated in this ranking (best result was position 47 last year).

The QS World University Ranking (WUR) is one of the three international rankings, besides Times Higher Education and Shanghai, that TU Delft actively follows. QS evaluated 5663 universities this year, of which 1503 were ranked.

Higher result in eight of nine score-determining factors

QS uses nine factors to determine its ranking. In eight of the nine factors, TU Delft scores higher than last year: Academic Reputation, Employer Reputation, Faculty Student Ratio, International Faculty Ratio, International Student Ratio, International Research Network, Employment Outcomes, and Sustainability. A decrease in the score occurs in the factor Citations per Faculty.

TU Delft predominantly in top 3 Dutch universities

QS ranks thirteen Dutch universities. TU Delft is in the Dutch top three for the factors Employer Reputation (#1), International Faculty (#1), Sustainability (#1): Academic Reputation (#2), Citations per faculty (#2), International students (#2), Employment Outcomes (#3). For the factor Faculty student Ratio, TU Delft scores position 4 compared to other ranked Dutch universities and position 7 for International Research Network.

Please find the entire ranking here.