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Pedagogy - 09.07.2024
Ministry extends funding to strengthen knowledge on long-term care

Economics - Health - 02.07.2024
Family-related issues can cause crises in family businesses
Crisis management in family businesses is strongly impacted by their unique goals, governance, and resources.

Health - 06.06.2024
Allow patients to update their own electronic medical records
Digitalization in healthcare is increasing: examples include the Electronic Medical Record (EMR), teleconsultations, and hospital patient portals.

Psychology - Health - 04.06.2024
Arjan Videler appointed to endowed chair ’Psychotherapy for Elderly’

Economics - Career - 31.05.2024
New professor aims to make the world of work more inclusive: ’We need everyone to participate’

Campus - 30.05.2024
Inaugural lecture Jörg Raab: How (not) to use organizational networks

Politics - 28.05.2024
New roles of state and citizens essential for marginalized neighborhoods
The interaction between the state and citizens of marginalized neighborhoods does not only take place in cooperation or conflict but also in the spaces 'inbetween'.

Politics - Law - 07.05.2024
From government formation to neighbor dispute: New democratic contract can solve conflicts
Our legal order and democracy must be modernized. We have to ensure that we can continue to make acceptable decisions when interests clash.

Administration - 22.04.2024
Digital government is blind to millions of ’non-average’ citizens

Innovation - 16.04.2024
Regulation of technology calls for a different view of humans

Media - 22.03.2024
Introduction of expert pages for the press

Career - 19.03.2024
Excessive flexibility due to flexible contracts can negatively affect workers well-being
On Friday, March 22, 2024, José Gabriel Carreńo will defend his PhD thesis titled: Three Essays on Wage Compensation and Flexible Contracts.

Politics - Event - 15.03.2024
Valedictory address Peter Essers: Analysis of previous tax reforms doesn’t bode well for box 3 reform

Innovation - 04.03.2024
Disruptive AI calls for a disruptive legal response

Psychology - 29.02.2024
Katrijn Van Deun awarded prestigious NWO Vici grant to develop new data science methods

Economics - Campus - 26.02.2024
Inaugural Lecture by Tine Buyl: Behavior of CEOs and strategic leaders of great influence on organizational resilience

Transport - Environment - 22.02.2024
Rise in traffic accidents since introduction of shared e-scooters
In the Netherlands, most e-scooters are banned from public roads, but in other European countries, electric shared scooters are almost indispensable in the urban landscape, especially in larger cities.

Innovation - 13.02.2024
Fair licensing in value chains of Internet of Things: a groundbreaking solution
Within the connected car industry, debates are escalating about who should procure the licensing rights of the technologies that connect cars to the Internet of Things and at what cost.

Microtechnics - 06.02.2024
Large NWO grant for research into swarms of small drones that collect information in crisis situations

Economics - Career - 31.01.2024
’Will I still have a pension by the time I retire?’ Six questions to Lisa Brüggen, new Endowed Professor of Retirement Communications and Choice Guidance

Law - 25.01.2024
Tort victims in situations of mass harm want more than financial compensation

Environment - 25.01.2024
New ecological insights call for robust nature conservation law

Administration - 15.01.2024
A simpler tax regime leads to more corporate investment
On Tuesday, January 16, Jesse van der Geest will defend his PhD thesis, entitled: Economic Effects of Tax Avoidance and Compliance.

Law - 08.12.2023
Max van der Stoel Awards 2023 presented to Floris Tan (Leiden University) and Tycho Scholten (VU Amsterdam)

Politics - Social Sciences - 22.11.2023
PhD research: Self-interest, social marginalization and weak spots liberal institutions contribute to support for populist parties
Over the past two decades, European democracies have witnessed the rise of populist parties. New PhD research by Dr. Francesco Marolla (Tilburg University) provides insight into the explanation for support of European citizens for populist parties.

Economics - Health - 01.11.2023
Tilburg University appoints Martin Salm as Professor of Health Economics and Applied Microeconomics
Tilburg University has appointed Martin Salm as full professor of Health Economics and Applied Microeconomics.

Law - Environment - 30.10.2023
Multinationals have a responsibility to take care of people and planet throughout their production networks

Religions - 26.10.2023
Comics as sites of religion

Law - 10.10.2023
Dutch civil appellate procedure can become more efficient - from within and in small steps

Campus - Health - 10.10.2023
New master’s program in Spiritual Care accredited

Career - 06.10.2023
Tilburg University puts strategic focus on Broad Prosperity

Campus - Innovation - 05.10.2023
Corien Prins uses Stevin Prize to stimulate science-informed policymaking

Religions - 29.09.2023
Moral education important in armed forces

Administration - Politics - 18.09.2023
Prinsjesdag 2023: Professors advise ministers for a fairer society through more government regulations

Politics - 13.09.2023
Representative democracy benefits from new combinations of deliberation and voting
Persistent problems of representative democracy can be addressed with clever combinations of deliberation and voting, for Dutch democracy particularly: the structural complaint of citizens that they are not heard and seen and the 'stop and go' culture of governing.

Administration - 12.09.2023
Inaugural address Pieter Huisman: ’Regulation of behavior in education requires caution’

Religions - History / Archeology - 11.09.2023
Inaugural address Karim Schelkens: The importance of religious literacy for contemporary society

Mathematics - Economics - 01.09.2023
Farewell address John Einmahl: Mathematics is too profound to fit the mold of usable science
On September 8th, mathematician John Einmahl will deliver his farewell speech at Tilburg University.

Law - Environment - 30.08.2023
Phillip Paiement appointed Professor of Law and Governance in the Anthropocene
Tilburg University has appointed dr. Phillip Paiement of Tilburg Law School to Professor of Law and Governance in the Anthropocene, effective September 1st, 2023.

Psychology - 30.08.2023
Marianne van Woerkom appointed as professor of Positive Psychological Perspective on Human Resource Studies

Media - 29.08.2023
One in four organizations screens applicant’s social media
A significant portion of organizations appear to look for discrimination-sensitive personal characteristics in the resume during the recruitment and selection process.

Social Sciences - 23.08.2023
Inaugural address Jolanda Mathijssen: Youth care needs systems thinking

Law - 16.08.2023
’International rules trade restrictions for security reasons need to be renegotiated’
In the past decade, a rising number of trade measures in the interest of national security have increased insecurity in the global economy.

Health - 09.08.2023
Prestigious awards for research on communication behavior in medical teams

Religions - Event - 20.07.2023
Monique van Dijk conducts research at World Youth Days in Lisbon

Computer Science - 18.07.2023
Marie Postma appointed Professor of Computational Cognitive Science

Architecture - 13.07.2023
Tilburg launches private-lodging campaign to fight room shortage
The pressing housing shortage in Tilburg has prompted Hospi Housing, together with the City of Tilburg, Fontys University of applied sciences, and Tilburg University, to launch a campaign encouraging

Law - Criminology / Forensics - 11.07.2023
Open Letter on the Greece Boat Disaster: Questions of International Law
In an open letter addressed to Greek and EU authorities, 300 academics turn their attention to the migrant shipwreck of 14 June 2023 off the coast of Pylos, Greece, resulting in the loss of an estimated 650 lives.

Agronomy / Food Science - Innovation - 11.07.2023
Sectoral data protection measures needed for digital transformation in agriculture
The digital transformation of agriculture in Europe is being hindered by challenges related to access and control of agricultural data.

Research Management - 11.07.2023
Tilburg University and the City of Tilburg develop joint broad prosperity research program
On July 11, 2023, Tilburg University and the City of Tilburg have adopted a roadmap for a co-creative research program in the field of broad prosperity in the local communities and broad prosperity in business. This research program is part of the agreement between the City and the university to take cooperation to an even higher level.