Neurologist Dr. Guus Schoonman appointed endowed Professor ’Digital communication in clinical practice’

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Neurologist and researcher Guus Schoonman has been appointed endowed Professor at the chair ’Digital communication in clinical practice’ at the Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences, effective May 1. This chair was established in collaboration with the Elisabeth-Tweesteden Hospital (ETZ)Tilburg. Schoonman will conduct research on the role and added value of digital tools in communication between the patient and the healthcare provider.

Guus Schoonman (1974, Deventer) studied medicine at Leiden University. He received his PhD from Leiden University Medical Center in 2008 with an NWO grant for research ’Trigger factors and mechanisms in migraine’. He also trained as a neurologist there. In 2013, he was appointed by the ETZ as a neurologist and clinical researcher. Since 2015 he has been involved in various digitalization projects in the hospital, the development of the patient portal mijnETZ and later also as a guest researcher digital communication clinical practice at Tilburg University.

Digital tools enriching healthcare?
Schoonman will focus on the effects of digitization on healthcare. There is increasing use of various tools such as image calling, online monitoring and patient portals. But which digital tools enrich care? And how do we engage healthcare providers and patients in these developments? Schoonman will make scholarly contributions to research, education and support in the area of digital communication tools and digital skills in clinical practice.

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