Jörg Raab and Tine Buyl appointed as professors in the Department of Organization Studies

The Executive Board of Tilburg University has appointed two new professors in the Department of Organization Studies at the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Jörg Raab will hold the chair of Inter-Organizational Networks and Tine Buyl will become Professor of Strategy, Strategic Leadership and Organizational Resilience. Raab will also become the new chair of the department.

Both chairs contribute to strengthening the interdisciplinary research, teaching and societal impact of the Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences in the areas of well-being and health, sustainable transitions and resilient organizations and society.  

Tine Buyl’s chair focuses on organizational resilience. How do organizations deal with constant change, shocks and crises, such as recently the pandemic and the war in Ukraine? The role of organizational strategies and the strategic management - top managers and CEOs - of organizations is hereby unraveled, as well as how this role develops or should develop. Tine Buyl worked as an associate professor at the Department of Organization Studies, specializing in the composition of and dynamics in top management teams of organizations and its effects on organizational processes and outcomes.    

Jörg Raab’s teaching assignment primarily includes research on cooperation in networks between and within organizations and how they can contribute to social issues in areas such as sustainability, health or well-being. A key research goal is to increase knowledge of the complex factors at play in these organizational networks, how they interact and how they can be managed. This will also include alternative and new organizational forms that have received little attention in the current literature. Jörg Raab also worked as an associate professor in the Department of Organization Studies, with a focus on collaboration, organization of networks and sustainable entrepreneurship.  

Leon Oerlemans (professor of Organizational Dynamics and the retiring department chair): "I am very pleased with the appointment of these two new professors. With their research assignments they will contribute to increasing knowledge about what is needed for resilience and adaptability in society, in organizations and for employees. This is of great importance in these dynamic times when change happens constantly, often under the pressure of crises. I have full confidence in Tine and Jörg and I also gladly and confidently hand over the baton of the chairmanship of our department to Jörg."