Enschede named ’Best Student Room City in the Netherlands 2023’

Enschede has been named the Best Student Room City in the Netherlands 2023 by the National Student Union (LSVb). LSVb conducts annual research on student accommodation conditions in the various student cities. Enschede won first place because of its good affordability, its many student rooms with shared facilities and the involvement of students in its housing policy. LSVb vice-chairman Job Vermaas: -Enschede builds for students and with students. In this, they really are a forerunner.-

Enschede alderman Jeroen Diepenmaat received the plaque accompanying the title -Best student room city in the Netherlandsat student house OD308 this afternoon. This house, established in September 1968, is Enschede’s oldest student house. Until then, students of the THT were required to live on the university campus.

A Accommodation for students in Enschede costs an average of ¤466 per month. On average, students spend 49% of their budget on rent. Student rooms with shared facilities make up 63% of accommodation in Enschede and cost an average of ¤390 per month, the most affordable student rooms in the Netherlands and the only remaining place in the Netherlands where the average rent for a student room is below ¤400. Besides affordability, rooms with shared facilities are important for students’ development and mental health. Vermaas: -By building up a network at an early stage, students become more familiar and really feel at home in the city.-

-We are enormously proud that Enschede has once again been voted the best student room city. This recognition is a reward for the intensive cooperation with our educational institutions and housing associations such as SJHT and Veste Wonen. It motivates us to continue providing suitable and affordable housing for students, young people and recent graduates. Although the pressure on the housing market is great, we are committed to building thousands of new homes in all segments. This way, we ensure that future students can find a home in our city and current students have the opportunity to build their future here.- - Jeroen Diepemaat, Alderman for Housing, Municipality of Enschede Enschede municipality’s housing vision identifies students as the target group it wants to attract to the city. Central to this is regular consultation between the municipality and students, which ensures that students’ housing wishes are included in the policy. Vermaas: -Student organisations are often insufficiently included, while they are often eager to help.- The LSVb represents 13 local student unions. -We often encounter resistance at the local level. We hope other municipalities will take the municipality of Enschede as an example and proactively involve students.-

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