ENHANCE+ Kick-Off welcomed over 130 representatives from our 10 partner universities to Berlin

© Julia Sommer
© Julia Sommer

On the 22nd and 23rd of February 2024, the ENHANCE+ project Kick-Off in Berlin marked a pivotal moment in the ENHANCE journey to actively shape European Education of the future. During two dynamic days, more than 130 representatives of the Alliance’s ten partner universities gathered in Berlin to officially welcome the new project phase ENHANCE+ and to continue the hard work that has taken place since its formal initiation past November.

During the kick-off, work package (WP) meetings were organised by the WP leads which resulted in a great outcomes and meaningful discussions. TU Delft leads the Future Skills for Engineers and Scientists WP and organised a workshop for their WP members to think about their own ’future-proof’ skills: needed in today’s and tomorrow’s society. The team considered what ’future of skills’ education will look like, what skills will be needed for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and what opportunities and threats can be identified for the university and skills education. The workshop resulted in a long list of skills that can be considered in our efforts to prepare students for the future and to work towards a competitive, value-based and resilient Europe.

The other meeting focused on narrowing down the scope of our research for our first task within three subgroups. They were dedicated to three areas: 1. experts and stakeholders, 2. alumni and 3. students. Each sub-group presented their findings followed by feedback and discussion.

The four WP’s of the Future Knowledge cluster came together to share their plans and to highlight relevant links between the WP’s. With two brainstorming questions for each WP, the cluster members came together and shared perspectives, experiences and questions. These will used as input for each WP going forward.

ENHANCE Conversations: Future Skills

The TU Berlin event was concluded by a highly engaging and relevant panel discussion. Anne Schreiter, the Executive Director of the German Scholars Organisation, hosted the panel, in which she questioned Ena Voûte (TU Delft Pro Vice Rector International Affairs), Katrin Redmann (COO SAP Labs Paris), and Jose Monserrat (UPV Vice President for International Affairs) for their views on the skills needed, and not needed, for the future.

Anne posted her takeaways from the event here.

Watch the full panel discussion here.