Elies van Sliedregt appointed to Advisory Committee on Public International Law

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The Dutch government has appointed Tilburg University professor of Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure Elies van Sliedregt as a member of the Advisory Committee on Public International Law (CAVV) effective February 1, 2023. The CAVV is an independent body which advises the government, the House of Representatives and the Senate of the Netherlands on international law issues.

Prof. Elies van Sliedregt’s research focuses on cross-border crime and the adjudication of international crimes, and on the relationship between international and national criminal law. These are also core themes within Tilburg Law School’s research program Crime and Criminal Justice in the Age of Globalization and Digitalization.

Within the pioneering project Building a Global Criminal Justice System at the Domestic Level, Van Sliedregt is working with colleagues on developing parameters for a coordinated system of global justice at the national level. This project focuses on the prosecution of foreign nationals who have committed international crimes (war crimes, crimes against humanity, genocide) outside the territory of the state trying those crimes (the so-called forum state). The EU European Research Council (ERC) awarded Van Sliedregt an ERC Advanced Grant of 2.3 million euros for this purpose last year.

Advisory Committee on Public International Law

The Advisory Committee on Questions of International Law (CAVV) is an independent advisory body that provides solicited and unsolicited advice to the government and the Senate and House of Representatives on issues of international law. In doing so, the CAVV contributes to a substantive discussion on a wide range of issues of international law. The discussion takes place not only nationally within the government or parliament, but also internationally.

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