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Innovation - 25.06.2024
Innovative thermostat increases your comfort in heat and cold
Innovative thermostat increases your comfort in heat and cold
The innovative thermostat BRYS, developed by industrial designer Lenneke Kuijer with her Veni grant, is designed to help residents keep their homes up to nine degrees cooler in the summer heat. BRYS also helps train our bodies to stay comfortable at temperatures between 17 and 28 degrees Celsius. Summers are getting longer and hotter, even in the Netherlands.

Innovation - Social Sciences - 28.05.2024
Active internet users assess their psychological well-being more positively than non-users
With the rise and increasing use of digital technologies and online platforms worldwide, the debate about their potential impact on our psychological well-being is growing. New research from Tilburg University and the University of Oxford shows that active (mobile) internet users are more satisfied with their lives and assess their social and physical well-being more positively than non-users.

Innovation - Computer Science - 22.05.2024
A new and efficient chip design will demand even more of modern chip machines
A new and efficient chip design will demand even more of modern chip machines
How TU/e researchers push further the performance of computer chips while at the same time making them more efficient. Nowadays, it's hard to envision the world without computers. But the ever better performing chips in smartphones, cars, and almost every modern device are consuming more and more power.

Environment - Innovation - 10.05.2024
When simply reusing solar panels beats recycling
When simply reusing solar panels beats recycling
Core changemakers wants to give used solar panels a second life. As the world steadily progresses towards a more sustainable future, recycling solar panels becomes increasingly relevant. However, in some cases, simply reusing old solar panels is better. CORE CHANGEMAKERS, once a student team at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) and now evolving into a startup, is exploring the possibility of using old solar panels.

Health - Innovation - 07.05.2024
Research meets sightseeing: reviewing thousands of papers in Utrecht’s historical gems
More than 25 researchers from ten different European countries will join Utrecht's first Screenathon, taking place from May 14 to May 17 . At several beautiful, historical sites in Utrecht's city centre, the researchers together will screen more than 10,000 publications to get insights into research activities from all'over the world relevant to the IMPROVE project.

Materials Science - Innovation - 25.04.2024
Breakthrough in capacitor technology
Breakthrough in capacitor technology
Pacemakers, defibrillators, radar technology and electric vehicles all need electrical components called capacitors that can store and release a lot of energy in a matter of a few microseconds. Researchers at the University of Twente have recently found a way to increase these capacitors' storage, efficiency and durability.

Innovation - 11.04.2024
Pessimistic view of the future influences the transition to parenthood
New sociological research from Tilburg University shows that a pessimistic view of the future in which the next generation will grow up influences young people's decision to enter parenthood. "For people with a pessimistic view of the future, it does not stop at just talking.

Health - Innovation - 27.02.2024
Improving a non-invasive way to monitor contractions during labor
Improving a non-invasive way to monitor contractions during labor
Kirsten Thijssen defended her PhD thesis at the Department of Electrical Engineering on February 22nd. Her research was completed at Máxima Medical Center and Eindhoven University of Technology. Uterine contractions are a key part of childbirth, but they can temporarily reduce oxygen supply to the fetus.

Innovation - Campus - 15.02.2024
No more soporific lectures
In a unique experiment, researchers at the University of Twente conducted brain measurements on 20 students at the same time. During a one-hour lecture that alternated between passive and interactive, the researchers wanted to learn more about changes in students' concentration during lectures. This could lead to wearable technology that tells the lecturer that students' attention is waning.

Materials Science - Innovation - 08.02.2024
New AI tool discovers realistic ’metamaterials’ with unusual properties
A coating that can hide objects in plain sight, or an implant that behaves exactly like bone tissue. These extraordinary objects are already made from 'metamaterials'. Researchers from TU Delft have now developed an AI tool that not only can discover such extraordinary materials but also makes them fabrication-ready and durable.

Innovation - Earth Sciences - 08.01.2024
Unique permanent coastal observation detects minimal changes
A team of researchers from TU Delft has succeeded in long-term mapping of beach topography to within a few centimetres. The unique dataset provides insights into coastal changes for every hour, for three years. This data is important for dune maintenance and to keep the hinterland well protected. The methodology is also being used to monitor other coastlines and even glaciers.