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Economics - 19.06.2024
Model explains spontaneous explosions of delays in supply chains
Model explains spontaneous explosions of delays in supply chains
A group of scientists has developed a model that explains how schedule-based systems, such as supply chains and railways, can be prone to spontaneous explosions of large-scale delays. The researchers recommend system operators to prioritize resilience, alongside efficiency, for better long-term outcomes.

Pharmacology - Economics - 26.03.2024
How to prevent social desirability bias in surveys
Marketing researcher Rik Pieters has developed, together with colleagues from other universities, a new, indirect questioning technique to improve the chance that people answer truthfully. The technique can be used, for instance, in conducting surveys or in making policies. Chances are that people tend to give socially desirable answers to direct survey questions on sensitive subjects, like watching porn, smoking during pregnancy, theft in the supermarket or illegal acquisition of prescription drugs.

Health - Economics - 26.02.2024
No-claim settlement can be an alternative to the deductible
The deductible and patient costs are important topics in the political debate in the Netherlands. According to health economics professor Martin Salm, a viable alternative could be the no-claim scheme, which was previously abolished in the Netherlands. He researched how no-claim refunds influence claiming behavior at a large German health insurer.

Economics - 15.01.2024
Bonus boost: financial incentive also works in creative teams
January, bonus time! Many companies pay out bonuses at the end of January. Economist David Schindler investigated whether bonuses work in modern work environments, where teams have to solve complex problems together. Main conclusion: bonuses are very effective and improve performance in this setting by facilitating the emergence of leadership.