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Politics - Media - 31.10.2023
Dutch youths’ perspectives on politics
In a collaborative effort involving researchers from the Hot Politics Lab and the SYNC Lab EUR have unveiled intriguing insights into the political attitudes of Dutch adolescents and young adults aged 10 to 25 residing in Rotterdam. The findings shed light on how the youth perceive and engage with politics, offering valuable implications for the future of democracy.

Politics - Media - 06.10.2023
Interaction between debates in the Dutch House of Representatives and social media
What is the dynamic between political debate in the Dutch House of Representatives and reactions, commentary and framing on social media? Academics of the Utrecht University Faculty of Humanities and Data School, investigated this question. The researchers analysed data from various public sources: publicly accessible groups and accounts on X (previously Twitter) and Telegram where the Dutch language is used.

Media - 21.04.2023
Social media data provides first glimpse at increased popularity of air conditioning worldwide
With temperatures rising worldwide, more and more people globally consider air-conditioning an essential element of living. However, air-conditioning units are also rather power-hungry and are likely to increase energy consumption in areas where they are used often. To limit the impact of air-conditioners on our energy grids and our climate, we need data to better understand where they're sold globally.

Physics - Media - 17.02.2023
This 'Harry Potter' light sensor achieves magically high efficiency of 200 per cent
This ’Harry Potter’ light sensor achieves magically high efficiency of 200 per cent
Using green light and a double-layered cell, PhD researcher Riccardo Ollearo has come up with a photodiode that has sensitivity that many can only dream of. Solar panels with multiple stacked cells are currently breaking records. Remarkably, a team of researchers from Eindhoven University of Technology and TNO at Holst Centre have now managed to make photodiodes - based on a similar technology - with a photoelectron yield of more than 200 percent.

Media - 09.01.2023
Should editors burn their fingers on algorithms?
Do you only see news about Britney Spears popping up on a newspaper's website? Then there's probably an algorithm gone haywire.