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Health - Career - 18.12.2023
A more pleasant workplace to improve mental health
A more pleasant workplace to improve mental health
Anna Bergefurt defended her PhD thesis cum laude at the Department of Built Environment on December 18th. How do plants, noise, and the view outside affect your stress level, concentration or mood? PhD researcher Lisanne Bergefurt examined how different aspects of the physical workplace can influence employees' mental health.

Career - 20.11.2023
Wealthy elderly benefit most from ’generation pact’
Ensuring a healthy transition into retirement for older individuals and enhancing career opportunities for the younger workforce: a 'generation pact' allows employees to reduce their working hours once they reach a certain age. The aim is to prevent older workers from dropping out before reaching retirement while creating room for newcomers in the job market.

Career - 23.10.2023
Citizens more positive about public employees than stereotypes suggest
What do we think when we think about public employees? They are going home on time, they have high job security and they get paid well. These three stereotypes seem to be universal, according to an international, comparative study by researchers from Utrecht University. But, of course there are more stereotypes and they are sometimes graded differently in different countries.

Career - Psychology - 30.08.2023
Valuing employee talents
Valuing employee talents
Haiko Jessurun defended his PhD thesis at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Innovation Sciences on August 29th. Employees often possess a wider range of talents than they need for their jobs; for example, they may be musically gifted or have great visual thinking capabilities. If these capabilities are not seen and valued, there is a higher risk of what PhD candidate Haiko Jessurun calls "chronic relative underperformance" (CRU).

Career - 06.07.2023
Emailing less is possible, but not easy
Many people use email for work. It is convenient, but also a source of stress. Email can constantly distract you from other work and disrupt your free time. At the same, the workload in many sectors, such as healthcare, can already be high. Cutting back on email use can reduce stress. Researchers at Utrecht University have developed and tested a number of simple solutions with healthcare workers.

Career - 28.06.2023
Migrants after Brexit: ’If you don’t want me, I don’t want you either’
Door de Brexit moeten Britse bedrijven mogelijk veel meer moeite doen om hoogopgeleide migranten te behouden. Veel migranten hebben het gevoel dat ze zich moeten distantiėren van het Verenigd Koninkrijk, terwijl anderen aangeven daar helemaal geen last van te hebben, zo blijkt uit een nieuwe studie die is gepubliceerd in de Academy of Management Discoveries.

Career - Economics - 14.02.2023
NWO Open Competition Grants toegekend aan SBE-onderzoekers
SBE-onderzoekers Anouk Festjens (MSCM) en Nico Pestel (ROA) hebben een NWO-subsidie gekregen voor hun onderzoeksprojecten in het domein Sociale en Geesteswetenschappen (SSH).