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Innovation - 21.12.2022
Better procurement policies boost construction innovation
Reusing asphalt or making a movable bridge deck out of biocomposite material are just two examples of innovation in the world of civil construction. Municipalities, provinces and other major infrastructure clients are in a position to push for such innovations in their tenders. But new techniques can come with construction risks that companies are not always willing to take.

Environment - Innovation - 21.12.2022
Optimizing workspaces for headspaces. Can the right ambient conditions foster team creativity?
Interview with Melisa Yildiz, Ph.D. Candidate at Hasselt University, BE and Maastricht University, NL, and Felix van den Horst, CEO of Clairify B.V. That is precisely what Melisa Yildiz is researching at the moment. She presented the results she's gotten at the HealthBuild conference, and they look very promising.

Physics - Innovation - 07.12.2022
Ultrafast writing with light
Ultrafast writing with light
Youri van Hees defended his PhD thesis at the department of Applied Physics on December 7th. Due to the ever-increasing growth of our data consumption, researchers are looking for faster, more efficient, and more energy-conscious data storage techniques.

Astronomy / Space - Innovation - 16.11.2022
A navigation system with 10 centimeter accuracy
Researchers of Delft University of Technology, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and VSL have developed an alternative positioning system that is more robust and accurate than GPS, especially in urban settings. The working prototype that demonstrated this new mobile network infrastructure achieved an accuracy of 10 centimeter.

Innovation - Economics - 15.11.2022
’We should take the lead in this industry’
The test centre for drone and sensor applications Unmanned Valley will get access to a drone-corridor to sea, right over the dunes near Katwijk. This new flight path goes from former air force base Valkenburg (South-Holland) to the North Sea and has just opened. Bart Remes, project manager and researcher at The Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVlab), which is part of the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the TU Delft, is very pleased with the new test facility.

Innovation - Computer Science - 14.11.2022
Archaeology, neuroscience, and robotics join to investigate robots that invent tools
The METATOOL project received 4 million euros from the European Innovation Council (EIC) and the 'Awareness Inside' Pathfinder Challenge to investigate how robots can invent new tools as ancient humans did.

Environment - Innovation - 04.11.2022
Making salt water fresh on Lampedusa
Since last week, a large-scale demo installation in Lampedusa is producing drinking water, salts and chemicals from seawater in an environmentally friendly way. Project leader Dimitris Xevgenos: "This is the first time that we're producing these marketable products at pre-commercial scale in Europe together with the right actors, including the use of waste heat.

Physics - Innovation - 27.10.2022
Building the backbone of the information society
Building the backbone of the information society
How the Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute develops novel information and communication systems. The future of our information-based society will be built on hybrid technologies, EHCI researchers Diana Leitao and Chigo Okonkwo are convinced. And that is why both scientists, though firmly rooted in their respective disciplines of physics and electrical engineering, are strong advocates for seeking synergies between people with different research backgrounds.

Innovation - 12.10.2022
Developing and maintaining values in a digital society
How can we ensure that the fundamental values which we consider important in the Netherlands and Europe, such as privacy, transparency and democracy, are safeguarded in a digital society? How can we make a truly positive contribution to society using AI? A conversation between Geert-Jan Houben, pro-vice rector AI, Data and Digitalisation and leader of the AI Initiative, and Professor Jeroen van den Hoven (TPM), leader of the Digital Ethics Centre.

Physics - Innovation - 10.10.2022
Trapping sound and light on a chip
Scientists at the University of Twente have developed a new technique to effectively trap soundwaves and light, using multilayer silicon nitride waveguides. The research project successfully proved that manipulating light with sound in large-scale circuits is viable and compatible with current production methods Expanding the photonic toolbox In recent decades, chips and electronic devices have become exponentially smaller and faster.

Innovation - Agronomy / Food Science - 07.10.2022
Food from the printer
Food from the printer
Printing food sounds futuristic, but that future is approaching fast. And Wageningen is at the forefront; the latest success is a 3D plant-based 'meat' printer.

Innovation - Microtechnics - 04.10.2022
UvA grants license on fast 3D-printing with sub-micrometre detail
UvA grants license on fast 3D-printing with sub-micrometre detail
Applications in tissue scaffolds for artificial organs, and functional devices The University of Amsterdam has reached a license agreement with the Gouda-based company Atum3D on a method for fast, large-scale 3D-printing with sub-micron resolution.

Innovation - Materials Science - 26.09.2022
Four terminal perovskite-silicon PV tandem devices hit 30% efficiency
TNO, TU Eindhoven, imec and TU Delft - partners in Solliance - joined forces to further push the conversion efficiency of tandem solar cells to beyond the limits of today's commercial photovoltaic (PV) modules.

Innovation - 29.08.2022
Brexit huge boost for Amsterdam as European knowledge capital
Amsterdam is fast becoming the knowledge capital of Europe. This is evident from the report 'Understanding Amsterdam's competitive advantage', a study into the state of science, technology and innovation in the capital. One of the main reasons for the growth is the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union.

Innovation - Philosophy - 29.07.2022
Are we ready for the upcoming technological storm?
Are we, as a society, ready for developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), 5G and The Internet of Things, creating a 'perfect technological storm'- Researchers of the Delft University of Technology study this matter. In an extensive report, commissioned by the Panel for the Future of Science and Technology (STOA) they elaborate on the question if society is prepared for these converging, fast developing technologies.

Innovation - 26.07.2022
UT designed nanoparticles train immune cells to fight cancer
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Environment - Innovation - 13.06.2022
Model for green, energy independent Europe
Model for green, energy independent Europe
Researchers from ETH Zurich and TU Delft have developed a model to generate hundreds of ways in which Europe's energy system can become green and self-sufficient by 2050. They have made their results available on an interactive platform to provide a clearer picture of all the various options and their associated trade-offs.