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Physics - Innovation - 07.12.2022
Ultrafast writing with light
Ultrafast writing with light
Youri van Hees defended his PhD thesis at the department of Applied Physics on December 7th. Due to the ever-increasing growth of our data consumption, researchers are looking for faster, more efficient, and more energy-conscious data storage techniques.

Environment - 07.12.2022
Novel technology for detecting and identifying traces of micro and nano plastics in consumable water
Micro and nano plastics are everywhere: in the air, in seas and rivers, in soil, and in plants and animals.

Health - Life Sciences - 06.12.2022
'Collective reflection needed for way out of crisis Alzheimer's research'
’Collective reflection needed for way out of crisis Alzheimer’s research’
A vast amount of money is involved in Alzheimer's disease research. However, scientists have been unable to achieve substantial clinical results in recent decades. In a recent analysis of the situation, Utrecht University historian of science Bert Theunissen and his colleague from Erasmus University Rotterdam Noortje Jacobs now argue that a deadlock has developed that makes progression unlikely.

Health - Life Sciences - 05.12.2022
Nutrition as medicine for heart failure in diabetes
Treat heart failure in type 2 diabetes with simple nutritional supplements? That seems too easy to be true, but researchers at Maastricht UMC+ have discovered that a particular mixture of amino acids could provide a cure for diabetic heart failure. A crucial step in addressing a problem facing a growing group of patients.

Health - 05.12.2022
Coronavirus life cycle portrayed
The coronavirus has become part of our society. But how exactly does the virus work? In a unique animation, Maastricht scientists have visualized the life cycle of the virus for a broad audience. They did this using real microscopic images of infected cells. In late 2020, Raimond Ravelli received funding from the Science Communication program of the National Science Agenda (NWA).

Career - 02.12.2022
Why do employers (not) hire people with disabilities?
The three main barriers for employers to hire people with disabilities are ideas about their productivity, expectations of high costs involved and a lack of knowledge about what disabilities entail - according to a literature review by Utrecht University. Although there are policies aimed at encouraging employers to employ more people with disabilities, the results remain limited.

Health - Life Sciences - 02.12.2022
Droplets in cells determine the accumulation of proteins in age-related diseases
Droplets in cells determine the accumulation of proteins in age-related diseases
Tiny droplets in our cells can accelerate the accumulation of protein deposits in diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, but they can also hinder this accumulation. While they will worsen the accumulation if the proteins stick to the edge of the droplets, the situation actually improves when they are incorporated into the droplets.

Environment - Computer Science - 01.12.2022
New model offers opportunity to protect migrating birds
New model offers opportunity to protect migrating birds
Researchers at the University of Amsterdam have developed a model that can accurately predict the current migration routes of migratory birds. This offers the possibility of taking adequate measures at the right time when birds are at risk from air traffic or infrastructure. The researchers published their work in the scientific journal Methods in Ecology and Evolution by the end of October.

Materials Science - 01.12.2022
Evidence at last for long-awaited new liquid crystal phase
Evidence at last for long-awaited new liquid crystal phase
Fifty years after scientists predicted a new liquid crystalline phase, it has been observed by Utrecht researchers. The observations were made in model systems of colloidal rods, rod-like particles that are larger than molecules and therefore easier to study. The researchers provide guidance on a way to realize the material with rod-shaped molecules as well.

Social Sciences - 01.12.2022
Visual online posts with brand reference only effective if creator is known to recipient
In recent years, the popularity of visual social media has grown rapidly. These platforms allow users to share their lives with a large online audience by posting photos.

Transport - Environment - 01.12.2022
Most nitrogen deposition from aviation comes from high altitude
Aircraft emit nitrogen oxides and other emissions during both the LTO-phase (taxiing, take-off and landing) and when flying at high altitudes. These emissions return to the ground, resulting in nitrogen deposited over land and water bodies. Using an atmospheric model, researchers at TU Delft have quantified - for the first time - that in 2019 aviation was responsible for just under 1.2% of total global nitrogen deposition from all sources (anthropogenic and natural).

Life Sciences - Pharmacology - 29.11.2022
COPD patients have a higher risk of brain problems, possibly due to inflammation
Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) have a higher chance of suffering from brain-related problems such as anxiety, depression and memory problems. PhD candidate Charlotte Pelgrim discovered that inflammation in the brain and a less protective barrier of the blood vessels in the brain may play a role.

Earth Sciences - Astronomy / Space - 29.11.2022
Mapping the chemistry of the Earth's mantle
Mapping the chemistry of the Earth’s mantle
The Earth's mantle makes up about 85% of the Earth's volume and is made of solid rock. But what rock types is the mantle exactly made of, and how are they distributed throughout the mantle? An international team of researchers - including UT researcher Dr Juan Carlos Afonso (Faculty of ITC) - have been able to reveal the existence of pockets of rocks with abnormal properties that suggest that they were once created at the surface, transported to vast depths along subduction zones, and accumulated at specific depths inside the Earth's mantle.

Health - 28.11.2022
Every nursing home is different: the role of the organizational form in COVID-19 infections and deaths
Every nursing home is different: the role of the organizational form in COVID-19 infections and deaths
Flemish nursing homes that work with smaller residential groups that have permanent healthcare teams have had noticeably fewer infections or deaths related to COVID-19. This is true not only of the residents, but also the personnel. This was the conclusion reached by researchers from KU Leuven and Radboud University.

Physics - Computer Science - 24.11.2022
Quantum sound connects future quantum devices
Physicists from the Gröblacher lab at TU Delft have built a device that can link different quantum devices and qubits to each other. This device, a silicon chip with vibrations traveling through it, functions as a network between quantum devices. This marks the first time that scientists are able to store as many qubits as they'd like within a very compact area on this type of chip.

Psychology - Health - 24.11.2022
Contact with others who suffer from depression is effective
People with depression benefit from contact with fellow sufferers. Such contacts can in fact contribute to recovering from depression. That was shown in the PhD research done by Dorien Smit, who will defend her thesis at Radboud University on 1 December. On the basis of Smit's research, an online platform for people with depression was set up.

Campus - Psychology - 23.11.2022
Alumnus Fred Atilla wins Unilever Research Prize 2022
Cognitive psychologist and alumnus Fred Atilla of Erasmus University Rotterdam has won the Unilever Research Prize 2022 for his research on how attention and emotions towards COVID-19 evolved among T

Pharmacology - Health - 23.11.2022
Cold shivers?
Due to the Western lifestyle with a high fat diet combined with little exercise, more and more people in the Netherlands are overweight or even obese. This causes an increased risk of type II diabetes. What can be done about this besides a healthier lifestyle? The answer comes from an unexpected source: shivering from the cold! Apart from the fact that this mechanism ensures that your body stays a bit warm, it also appears to improve sugar metabolism in type II diabetes patients.

Physics - Materials Science - 23.11.2022
Electron pairing in quantum dots as new approach to qubit research
Electron pairing in quantum dots as new approach to qubit research
Publication in Nature demonstrates promising method towards building the foundation for a future quantum computer. Scientists from QuTech and Eindhoven University of Technology have taken a next step in qubit research. Qubits are one of the building blocks of a future quantum computer. The researchers - including Sasa Gazibegovic, Ghada Badawy and Erik Bakkers from TU/e - have published their results in Nature on 23 November 2022.

Astronomy / Space - Chemistry - 22.11.2022
NASA's Webb Reveals an Exoplanet Atmosphere as Never Seen Before
NASA’s Webb Reveals an Exoplanet Atmosphere as Never Seen Before
NASA's James Webb Space Telescope just scored another first: a molecular and chemical profile of a distant world's skies. This is shown in five new articles by an international team of scientists, including Jean-Michel Désert, Hinna Shivkumar and Saugata Barat from the University of Amsterdam are soon to be published in leading science magazines.