Social Sciences and Psychology

Why smart robots should be as lazy as possible

Sport - Jul 10

Alongside René van de Molengraft, Professor of Lazy Robotics and founder of Tech United, we dive into the technology behind the RoboCup.

Psychology - Jun 21

Excessive social media use during pregnancy linked to depression

Intensive and problematic social media use during pregnancy can lead to depressive symptoms. This is evident from new doctoral research by Tilburg University. "More attention needs to be paid to these risk factors for mental health problems, which can have unfavorable outcomes for both mother and child."

Inclusive integration policy can reduce perception of diversity as a threat

Increasing ethnic and racial diversity in Western societies often accompanies feelings of threat among the ethnic majorities of a country. New research from Tilburg University shows that an inclusive integration policy can reduce the perception of diversity as a threat. The research suggests that policies that give immigrants more equal rights are particularly effective in promoting social cohesion and reducing tensions in Western societies.

Pedagogy - Jun 7

Papiamentu should be a structural part of reading instruction on ABC islands

On the islands of Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao, children until recently only learned to read in a language foreign to them: Dutch. It was not until 2001 that their native language, Papiamentu, was also introduced as a language of instruction in primary schools.

Sport - Jul 3

’Open-washing’ generative AI: how Meta, Google and others feign openness

The past year has seen a steep rise in generative AI systems that claim to be open. But how open are they really? New research shows there's widespread practice of 'open-washing' by companies like Meta and Google: claiming brownie points for openness while evading actual scrutiny. The question of what counts as open source in generative AI takes on particular importance in light of the EU AI Act that regulates "open source" models differently, creating an urgent need for practical openness assessment.

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