Tilburg launches private-lodging campaign to fight room shortage

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The pressing housing shortage in Tilburg has prompted Hospi Housing, together with the City of Tilburg, Fontys University of applied sciences, and Tilburg University, to launch a campaign encouraging a specific type of private lodging - hospitaverhuur in Dutch - where a landlord shares their home with a student tenant. The campaign objective is to find hosts and host families that are willing to let rooms to students.

Hospitaverhuur as a versatile solution

The housing shortage in Tilburg is acute, yet many people have spare rooms in their homes. Hospi Housing is the largest hospitaverhuur platform in the Netherlands and offers a solution for the housing shortage by matching house seekers with local hosts and host families. Hospi Housing personally meets with all hosts and host families and supports them when they temporarily take in lodgers. Hospi Housing also represents the student tenants, ensuring they have a safe place and do not overpay.

Private lodging of this type can help against loneliness and offers landlords additional financial support. Experience shows that letting out rooms has positive effects on the well-being of both the host and the student. Vice-president Paulina Snijders of the Executive Board of Tilburg University: "Tilburg University welcomes the collaboration with Hospi Housing. For our students, it is a most welcome additional housing option on a Tilburg housing market that sadly remains overstretched. I hope many hosts and host families come forward and offer accommodation to students."

Arian Steenbruggen, member of the Executive Board of Fontys University of applied sciences: "In view of the positive experiences in Eindhoven, we also and wholeheartedly support this initiative in Tilburg. Not only because it offers as many talented young people as possible the opportunity to take one of our programs in Tilburg, but also because hospitaverhuur has a positive effect on student well-being."

Tilburg campaign

The Tilburg campaign is the next step in the mission of the collaborating parties to find a solution for housing shortages through hospitaverhuur. Joost Bokkers of Hospi Housing: "Having studied at Tilburg University myself, I know how much Tilburg has to offer. It is an amazing place to live and study. We are delighted that Hospi Housing’s efforts to offer hospitaverhuur gives more students a chance of finding a nice place to live and getting off to a good start of their studies."

The two-year campaign target is to match one hundred students annually with local host families and hosts in Tilburg. This will help the City of Tilburg create a sustainable and social solution to the housing shortage. Alderman Yusuf Çelik (Housing): "Hospitaverhuur contributes to relieving the pressure on the housing market for students, to finding a place they can call home, and to helping them make a good start to their studies. And it enables us to meet our citizens’ need for connection. To us, that is a win-win situation all round. That is why we are pleased to be working together with Hospi Housing in revitalizing this lodging concept."

Hospitaverhuur in Tilburg

In Tilburg, landlords are allowed to let out rooms in their own homes to two tenants permit-free, regardless of whether the landlord owns or rents the property. Would you like to find out more or are you looking for personal advice? Visit the city website or contact Hospi Housing at www.hospihousing.com or through info@hospihousing.com.