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Psychology - 07.07.2023
Significant increase in chronic anxiety and depressive symptoms in young adults

Religions - Social Sciences - 04.07.2023
Erik Sengers appointed as Endowed Professor of Chaplaincy Studies in the Military

Health - Social Sciences - 03.07.2023
A long and healthy life for all is social responsibility

Career - 27.06.2023
Guide for supervisors improves support for employees with mental health issues

Economics - 20.06.2023
Outgoing professor Van Damme: Economics serves people
In economics, people are the focus, not economics, Eric van Damme argued in his farewell address on June 22.

Health - Psychology - 20.06.2023
Oration Taco Gosens: Quality of life in orthopaedics: Moving Care

Event - 19.06.2023
Inaugural lecture Jean-Jacques Herings: A game theoretic perspective on competition and cooperation

Law - Politics - 14.06.2023
Tilburg University presents honorary doctorate to Supreme Court President Dineke de Groot

Economics - 12.06.2023
Layered form of regulation can improve digital markets
When do monopolies of digital platforms like those of Google, Meta and Amazon become too strong, and how do you give new entrants to the market a chance?

Law - Social Sciences - 12.06.2023
Farewell address Marc Loth: On our legal duty to past and future generations

Event - Law - 07.06.2023
Highest award in Dutch scientific community granted to Prof. Corien Prins

Philosophy - 25.05.2023
Crisis in ethics education schools requires integrated approach to knowledge transfer, skills and practice

Innovation - 23.05.2023
Technological innovation in the workplace should profit from expanding works council’s information rights

Health - Psychology - 16.05.2023
Inaugural lecture: Shared decision-making as the basis for good mental health care

Health - Career - 11.05.2023
Emely de Vet new Dean University College Tilburg

Politics - Campus - 09.05.2023
’Positive engagement with politics can strengthen the academic community’

Economics - 01.05.2023
Subsidiarity principle as starting point for a political economy offers more respect for people and environment

Health - Pharmacology - 21.04.2023
Neurologist Dr. Guus Schoonman appointed endowed Professor ’Digital communication in clinical practice’

Computer Science - 18.04.2023
Zero Hunger Lab and Kickstart AI join in deploying AI to increase food security

Innovation - 17.04.2023
New European Unified Patent Court: a great improvement for the Netherlands

Law - 13.04.2023
The role of government lawyers in shaping the relationship between government and law

Law - Event - 06.04.2023
’More constitutional awareness is important for public trust’

Innovation - Economics - 04.04.2023
Student investment fund gets 400k from BOM and Brabant educational institutions

Social Sciences - 31.03.2023
Jörg Raab and Tine Buyl appointed as professors in the Department of Organization Studies

Agronomy / Food Science - Economics - 30.03.2023
Retailer price promotions increase waste awareness, not waste

Campus - 30.03.2023
Tilburg University involves people with intellectual disabilities in doing research

Law - 27.03.2023
’Aim to catch bigger fish under international criminal law’

Psychology - Health - 22.03.2023
Grant for digital self-management platform for people with severe mental illness
Researchers at Tilburg University will develop a digital self-management platform for people with severe mental illness.

Law - 20.03.2023
Yael Diamant appointed as Professor of Financial Networks and European Property Law

Administration - 13.03.2023
Traditional sorghum beer key to conflict settlement in rural Uganda
In rural Uganda, both clan councils and government institutions play an important role in settling local disputes.

Politics - 03.03.2023
Study on open government in the Netherlands: On how open data both open and close
Government openness and transparency in the form of communicating data can sometimes overshoot the mark.

Environment - Law - 02.03.2023
Tilburg University appoints Arie Trouwborst as professor of Nature Conservation Law

Psychology - 22.02.2023
NWO Vici grant for research Prof. Jelte Wicherts on causal effects in psychological experiments
The NWO has awarded Professor of Methodology Jelte Wicherts a Vici grant of one and a half million euros for his research on differences in causal effects in experiments. In experiments in psychology and other fields, scientists look for causal effects, while it is possible that those effects are not the same for everyone.

Religions - 21.02.2023
Farewell address Henk Schoot: The Meaning of Baptism for Church and Culture

Environment - Social Sciences - 31.01.2023
Tilburg University and stakeholders unite to tackle climate crisis

Law - 31.01.2023
Elies van Sliedregt appointed to Advisory Committee on Public International Law

Music - 26.01.2023
Come to science talk show De Tafel van Martinus

Social Sciences - 24.01.2023
At least 200.000 refugees enslaved and trafficked in Libya between 2017-2021
Eritrean refugees are trafficked and enslaved in Libya, where they are tortured, abused and raped by slavetraders to force family members to pay ransoms for their release.

Law - 16.01.2023
Supervision of energy derivatives trading is too opaque
Market participants in the trading of energy derivatives are often unaware of the exchange of their business-sensitive information by and amongst national and European national regulatory authorities, while it is essential that they can trust their data to be kept confidential.

Law - History / Archeology - 12.01.2023
’Autonomy of cities in the past deserves renewed attention’

Innovation - 19.12.2022
Use of data in the utilities sector needs better regulation
Utilities are becoming digitalized and data-driven. With new digital technologies the condition of infrastructures and the consumption of water and electricity can be measured in ever greater detail.

Pedagogy - 15.12.2022
Sander Bax appointed Professor of Education and Culture

Linguistics / Literature - 08.12.2022
Arab peoples with different dialects understand each other shows Arab The Voice
Through analysis of the Arab The Voice, which is shown throughout the Arab world, Mona Farrag Attwa examined how Arabs from diverse communities, with their own dialect, history, politics and culture, communicate with each other.

Politics - 06.12.2022
’Have political government communication tested by judge’

Psychology - 28.11.2022
Fred Atilla wins Unilever Research Prize for research on growing negative emotions by corona on Twitter

Economics - 07.11.2022
Inaugural lecture by Wendy van der Valk: collaboration is key to our digital and sustainability transition