Holobox pioneers in educational presentation at CLI Network Event

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2024: a new year with new challenges. So too for the Community for Learning & Innovation (CLI). In January, the CLI organised the first Network Event of 2024, with an external speaker taking the stage via the Holobox for the first time. Marvin Soetanto, educational consultant at TU Delft, shared his insights on game development in education at TU Delft and highlighted how games can enrich education.

Holobox: an innovative presentation tool

The Holobox, a light box with an LED screen, offers the ability to project life-size holograms of both people and objects. This versatile tool goes beyond simply playing pre-recorded videos or animations; live presentations can also take place via the Holobox. With the addition of an integrated camera and microphone, audiences can actively participate in the session by asking the speaker questions. In the future, the Holobox can be a connecting factor between different faculties, lecturers and universities.

Game development in education

Marvin Soetanto had the honour of being the first guest speaker to introduce the Holobox to us. From the studio at TU Delft, Marvin connected to the Holobox and shared his insights. He updated us on an interesting project at TU Delft, where they are focusing on game development as a means to enrich education.

Experiences with the Holobox

For Marvin, using the Holobox was an unusual experience. His story was less structured than his usual presentations, where he did everything from memory. His iPad with notes went into standby mode during the presentation, so he had to improvise in part. Instead of using the usual tight script and visual aids, Marvin delivered a presentation that was not only informative, but also appealed to the audience’s imagination. His positive experience with the Holobox not only highlights the potential of this technology, but also encourages others to experiment creatively with it.

The audience also saw the added value of this presentation tool. "The Holobox is interesting to experiment with and through interaction between the speaker and the audience it creates more engagement than just video streaming". The audience also saw that there is still room for improvement. "Even though the speaker did incredibly well, visual support would have been nice. It would make the experience even more complete". The Holobox has many interesting features. The technology will continue to be experimented with in the coming years so that external calls can be even smoother and more interactive.