EU lead candidates in Eindhoven for European Innovation Debate

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Leading up to the European elections (June 6-9), TU/e is hosting the European Innovation Debate (in Dutch) on Tuesday, May 14.

Seven EU lead candidates will debate on May 14 at the TU/e campus about the course Europe should take on innovation as technology becomes increasingly important for our prosperity, well-being and safety. The European Innovation Debate - organized by TU/e, Brainport and entrepreneurial organization FME - comes just under a month before the European parliamentary elections, for which the Netherlands goes to the polls on June 6.

The lead candidates present are Bas Eickhout (GL/PvdA), Malik Azmani (VVD), Dirk Gotink (NSC), Gerben-Jan Gerbrandy (D66), Tom Berendsen (CDA), Jessika van Leeuwen (BBB, #2) and Reinier van Lanschot (Volt). Hellen van der Plas, CEO of Signify Benelux, will give a keynote. The welcome speeches will be provided by Robert-Jan Smits (president TU/e), Paul van Nunen (director Brainport Development) and Theo Henrar (chairman FME).

Innovation is moving fast and technology is more and more part of a geopolitical battle. Should Europe adopt a strategic industrial policy’ And if so, what does that mean for labor migration, climate policy or money for innovation’ This is what the list leaders will debate on.

European parliamentary elections are more important than ever

Robert-Jan Smits: "These European parliamentary elections are more important than ever given geopolitical tensions and Europe’s political push for more sovereignty. Knowledge is Europe’s most valuable raw material, providing jobs, economic growth and prosperity. Moreover, knowledge is essential for meeting climate goals. It is logical that Eindhoven, one of Europe’s most prominent innovation hotspots, is the ideal location for this debate. The place where knowledge and innovation come together."

Paul van Nunen: "For prosperity and well-being, it is important to keep working on technology. We need it for the major transitions we face. Our economic strength and position in the world will partly depend on whether we can keep hold of that technology ourselves. This is where European cooperation is essential. Europe has several strong technology regions, including Brainport Eindhoven. Cooperation between these regions is necessary to maintain and expand our technological positions. Think of semicon including integrated photonics, quantum technology and battery technology."

Theo Henrar: "In order for innovative businesses to remain competitive on the world stage, strategic innovation policy is needed now more than ever. For too long we as Europe have stood in the wings while others took the stage. We need to ensure that we as Europe invest collectively in innovation and ensure a level playing field so that the technology industry can do business and innovate fairly. Europe must become a leader in technological innovation instead of a leader in rules. So an important debate in Eindhoven, there is really something at stake."

May 14: the European Innovation Debate @TU/e (in Dutch)

Leading up to the European elections (from June 6th to 9th), on Tuesday, May 14th, TU/e will host the European Innovation Debate (the debate is in Dutch). Leaders from various political parties will debate topics including the role of geopolitics, (labor) migration, and climate policy in innovation and industrial policy. The debate is organized by TU/e, Brainport Development, and FME, the entrepreneurs’ organization for the technological industry. It will take place in the Blauwe Zaal at the Auditirium. The number of seats is limited, registration is necessary, see the link below.