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From government formation to neighbor dispute: New democratic contract can solve conflicts

Politics - May 7

Our legal order and democracy must be modernized. We have to ensure that we can continue to make acceptable decisions when interests clash. In the Netherlands, legal complexity and polarization have brought national decision-making to a standstill. Too many people suffering from conflict at home, at work, or in their business are unable to resolve their dispute. We need a new democratic contract to resolve conflicts, argues Maurits Barendrecht. On Friday, May 17, he will hold his valedictory address as Professor of Innovation of Justice Systems at Tilburg University, entitled 'Responsief recht... hoe werkt dat' Een democratisch contract om conflicten op te lossen' [People-centered justice... how does that work' A democratic contract to resolve conflicts].

Administration - Apr 22

Digital government is blind to millions of ’non-average’ citizens

Administrative law is designed for the 'normal citizen' with an average income, education, intellectual and digital skills, a stable family, and good health.

Innovation - Apr 11

Pessimistic view of the future influences the transition to parenthood

New sociological research from Tilburg University shows that a pessimistic view of the future in which the next generation will grow up influences young people's decision to enter parenthood. "For people with a pessimistic view of the future, it does not stop at just talking. They are actually less likely to make the transition to parenthood."

Pharmacology - Mar 26

How to prevent social desirability bias in surveys

Marketing researcher Rik Pieters has developed, together with colleagues from other universities, a new, indirect questioning technique to improve the chance that people answer truthfully. The technique can be used, for instance, in conducting surveys or in making policies.

Career - Mar 19

Excessive flexibility due to flexible contracts can negatively affect workers well-being

On Friday, March 22, 2024, José Gabriel Carreño will defend his PhD thesis titled: Three Essays on Wage Compensation and Flexible Contracts. In his PhD thesis, Carreño found that the reliance on flexible contracts may lead to a decrease in worker welfare. This excessive flexibility, while beneficial for economic stability to some extent, can result in job insecurity for workers, adversely affecting their overall well-being.

Innovation - Apr 16

Regulation of technology calls for a different view of humans

When it comes to regulating digital technology, such as generative AI and algorithms, the focus is often on the technology itself rather than the human who interacts with it.

- Apr 5

Even 66-year-olds engage in online aggression

Online aggression, or intentionally hurting others online, is primarily studied among young people and young adults. However, new research shows that even 66-year take part in online aggression.

Media - Mar 22

Introduction of expert pages for the press

To better serve journalists and other interested parties, Tilburg University is introducing expert pages. Here you will find a selection of our experts in various scientific fields.

Politics - Mar 15

Valedictory address Peter Essers: Analysis of previous tax reforms doesn’t bode well for box 3 reform

What makes some fundamental tax reforms a success and others a failure? This question will be answered by Peter Essers, Professor of Tax Law at Tilburg University and former senator for Christian-democratic party CDA, in his valedictory address on March 15, 2024, at 16:15 hrs. in the Auditorium of Tilburg University. The chances of a successful reform of box 3 are slim, he argues based on his research.